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How to Find the Right Cover Band for Your Bar

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Every band needs entertainment of some form.  Although many bands resort to allowing their televisions or radio stations to keep the patrons entertained, cover bands are becoming a hot commodity. These professionals know how to get a crowd going and ensure they stay and drink in your bar.

This is how to find the right group.

Does Your Bar Have a Theme?

Is your bar themed?  Does it have a type of vibe that it gives off that needs a specific kind of band to work for it?  For instance, a Beatles cover band won’t do well in a biker bar, just like a metal band won’t do well in a bar that usually has middle-aged white-collar workers. 

What’s Your Budget?

Consider your budget carefully.  Bands charge vastly different amounts depending on the area, so try to find someone within your budget.  Some bands will offer discounts for tips, and if that’s the case, it’s important that you make a big deal to your patrons that they need to tip the musicians.

Ask for Word of Mouth

The best way to gain recommendations is by talking to people.  If you spread word of mouth at your bar that you’re looking for local bands, you’re bound to turn up some interesting leads.  Whether this means the band members are already regulars at your bar, or one of your regulars knows a band that could do well.  If this doesn’t pan out, consider looking online in local gig hosting sites to see if any awesome-looking cover bands are looking for work.

Audition Groups To Play

You don’t need to schedule a battle of the bands, but you should audition as many bands for hire as you can.  They don’t have to lug out their instruments for an audition. Instead, it may be a good idea to ask local bands to send you one to two-minute videos of them playing.  You can compare these videos or even have local patrons vote on who they want to play.  Being picky means, you can have an awesome performance that your patrons will love.

Consider Hiring More Than One

Although hiring one band can be a lot of work, it’s a good idea to consider hiring more than one.  Having more than one band means that if someone can show, the other band may play.  It also means that you can have them play back to back so that your band has a longer performance and can garner more customers in a night.

Treat The Groups You Hire Well

The best way to ensure you’ll continue to have awesome cover bands that you can hire is to take the time to treat the ones you hire well.  Make it clear that you appreciate them being there, give them occasional breaks, and make sure that they’re not mistreated by the crowds.  Showing them respect and paying them on time will ensure that they’re eager to play for you again and that they’ll spread the word about your bar if you need to hire more.



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