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Employee Swag Bags: The Perfect Way to Treat Your Staff

Sailun Tires

Would you believe that the swag bags handed out at the 2015 Oscar’s ceremony were valued at
more than $160,000? It’s true! While the Oscar’s have set the bar pretty high when it comes to
expensive swag, many companies, small businesses, organizations, and events are adopting the
idea of showering sponsors, participants, and employees with awesome swag.

While most of these items and/or gifts are probably branded with a logo, tagline, or contact
information, but that hasn’t stopped companies from incorporating the coolest modern gadgets,
gizmos, office games, and apparel into their own versions of a swag bags.

Unfortunately though, many companies have completely missed the mark as far as creating an
effective giveaway. Sure, a swag bag may have some of the coolest products, but the ultimate
goal is to leave recipients with the feeling that their presence is highly valued. With that being
said, let’s go over three cardinal rules for creating a chic swag bag that is both modern and

Quality and Functionality Trumps Quantity!

A swag bag could literally be brimming with products, but if it all amounts to a pile of useless
plastic, metal, and rubber, then you shouldn’t be surprised if you see several bags end up in the
garbage. Employees and customers are going to appreciate products that are made with integrity
and functionality, not something that will sit in a drawer and collect dust.

Luckily for you, there are several purveyors of promotional products and giveaway items that
match quality with functionality. A good example of a useless and/or boring item would be a
paper weight. Aside from sitting still, a paperweight is almost completely useless. On the other
hand, items like headphones and USB drives are perfect; especially for office employees.

Get those Creative Juices Flowing!

In other words, a great swag bag should feature products that tug at the imagination or conjure up
inspiration. Many employees find themselves caught in the day-to-day struggle of a monotonous
9-to-5 workday. Lack of motivation and boredom tend to run rampant in such an environment.
Therefore, an employee sway bag should invite creativity, entertainment, and enjoyment.

There are literally hundreds of products that can meet the three criteria mentioned above. To
combat against office boredom, a swag bag featuring office gags, games, pranks, and even
warfare (mini crossbows, catapults, etc.), can transform boredom into enjoyment.

Think Local!

Whether you’re preparing a single swag bag for a new hire, or an entire arsenal of bags for your
entire staff, don’t be afraid to go local. Your city is likely home to some fantastic eating, or
perhaps a unique museum; why not include a gift card, tickets, or passes, to some local eateries
and attractions from around the city?

These types of items come in handy for new hires that have relocated since they are new to the
area and likely have no idea where to get a nice dinner. Other great examples include bowling,
concerts, movie tickets, and amusement parks.


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