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5 of the Best Bar Games from Across the Globe

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After a long day of work, a beer and a game are a great way to let of some steam. From darts to shuffleboard, games make the bar experience that much more fun. If you have some free time you can also play real money slots at website. But if you’re at the bar with friends, a bar game is a great way to end the evening. So it makes sense that around the world, people have come up with their own ways to pass the time in their local watering hole.

1. Ring the bull: This English pub game dates back hundreds of years, and is still played at the oldest bar in England. The premise is simple: a metal ring (originally a bull’s nose ring) is attached to a string hanging from the ceiling. Players swing the ring, aiming to catch it onto a hook on the opposite wall. It may sound easy, but the hand-eye coordination required is often lacking in drinking establishments.

2. Sapo: This popular South American game is also played all over Europe, called “toad in the hole” in England and “juego de la rana” in Spain. The simple version is played on a table with a hole cut into the top. Player’s toss or bounce a coin, aiming to get it into the hole. More complex versions involve tables with multiple holes, and even an open-mouthed frog as a target. Like darts, players play on teams and must get an exact score to win, so teamwork and dexterity is key.

3. Bagh Chal
Up in the mountain bars of Nepal, the game of choice is Bagh Chal. The two-player game is played on a five-by-five point board, and players try and capture their opponent’s pieces, like chess. Considering the strategy needed to win, it’s likely best played at the beginning of the night, before too many drinks are imbibed.

4. Boules: Boules, similar to bocce, is bowling’s sophisticated European cousin. The goal of the game is to stand inside a circle of dirt or sand and toss or roll hollow steel balls as close as possible to a wooden ball. It may sound boring, but the finesse and competition involved makes for some exciting bar scenes.

5. Halv Tolv
Halv Tolv is basically the Danish Blackjack, where instead of aiming for 21, players try to get their cards to equal 11.5 (face cards are worth half a point). It’s a great game for two or more players to kill time during the long Scandinavian winter nights.


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