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The Parliament is a leather smart wallet, perfect for slim storage and quick card access. The built-in aluminum cardholder fans out your cards at the click of a button and protects them against skimming. Add a tracker card to make it unlosable.

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The Parliament Wallet from the luxury Ekster Classic Collection is the thinnest on the market. This smart leather wallet features a built-in mechanism for quick card access and a Tracker Card, so you never have to lose your wallet again. Minimal and dynamic, the Ekster Parliament Wallet is more than just a wallet, it’s a lifestyle. 

The built-in card holder fans out your cards at the push of the discreet button in the bottom corner. The instant release of your cards eliminates past days of fumbling through your wallet for more natural, efficient access. The recently upgraded hardware ensures your cards are perfectly presented every time. Because it is made from aluminum, this unique feature automatically protects your cards from skimming. This refined mechanism will work as long as you do. 

Minimalism is not only a buzzword, but its practice has proven benefits in our daily lives. Many of us can admit our wallets are out of control and would be an excellent place to start streamlining. Switching to a minimalist wallet, which has one strap for essential items, can help you determine which receipts, cash, or business cards are really worth keeping. In addition to the strap, the Parliament Wallet can hold twelve or more cards. Six of the most utilized cards are stored in mechanized cardholder and up to six in the extra card pocket. It feels good to let go of the things that hold you back. The Ekster Parliament Wallet can help you on your way. 

Another unique feature of the Ekster Parliament Wallet is the optional Tracker Card. We say optional because it is purchased separately, but this is an addition you shouldn’t go without. The Tracker Card, powered by Chipolo® technology, is compatible with iOS 11 or Android 5 above. The Tracker Card has a range of up to 200 feet with BLE 4.0, and on 3 hours of solar charge lasts 2-3 full months. Lose your wallet in your house? No problem, use the ringer option or ask your Google assistant, Alexa, or Siri to find it for you. Covered by a worldwide lost and found platform, you can finally have peace of mind when it comes to your wallet. 

Handmade from premium top-grain leather, each Ekster Parliament wallet is unique, becoming more distinct as it ages. Naturally stiff when unboxed and deliciously smelling each Ekster product is tanned under strict environmental protocols. The wallet’s dimensions are 0.4 x 4.41 x 2.6 inches, and the layout includes the card slider system and trigger, Tracker Card pocket, extra card pocket, and multi-purpose strap. Classic and simple, the Parliament Wallet is available in seven colours stylishly named Roma Cognac, Merlot Red, Steel Blue, Classic Brown, Nappa Black, Juniper Green, and Blush Beige. Order directly from the website www.ekster.com for free 

shipping and returns on orders more than $50. Even more peace of mind comes with your 12- month warranty. 

Quality is one of Ekster’s main priorities. The unique features of the Parliament Wallet, from the fine-tuned quick access card mechanism and Tracker Card to the minimal slim storage design, all help speed up and streamline your daily routine. Fewer worries about your wallet mean fewer problems on your minds. Stylish and seamless is the Ekster lifestyle.


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