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Swagger In The Steel Industry: Colin Wayne

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Not many people can make steel monograms be trendy, but most people aren’t Colin
Wayne. The former US military combat Veteran, fitness model and father of three has
been able to take his company Redline Steel from zero to millions in lightning speed!
And while Colin has seen a lot of success – even getting President Trump to buy some of
his products for the White House – that hasn’t stopped him from being a truly,
down-to-earth good guy; During COVID-19 he has donated millions in products to
essential workers, while also making sure the staff who work for him had their rent taken
care of.

And all of this thanks to people around the world buying steel monograms each day
online via his company…. If that’s not swagger, we don’t know what is!

We chatted with the King of Steel himself to find out more and learn a thing or two from

1. You have quite the history! Military, fitness and now taking over the customized steel industry! What’s your secret in being successful in everything you have chosen to do?

I’ve always believed one of the biggest factors that helped instill success in my life was my
service in the Military. Having a mindset that incorporates the “fear of failure” has taught me to
take risks without being afraid to fall.

2. How are you handling the COVID-19 situation both personally and professionally?

At first, it was definitely a challenge buying essentials at the grocery store, such as toilet paper
and diapers for my children. However, I couldn’t have continued working without the help and
guidance of my amazing wife, who has tirelessly maintained order at home. COVID-19 has
certainly impacted my business and the livelihood of many of my employees. To relieve stress
and show appreciation, I chose to cover all April rent payments for my employees. Fortunately,
as a steel manufacturing company, we were allowed to continue operating under normal
circumstances. After seeing the impact this virus has had on our healthcare workers, first
responders, and many other essential industries, we decided to give back even further by giving
away a free product to all those that are keeping us safe and afloat throughout the pandemic.

3. Every celebrity has one, interior designers recommend them, and trend reports keep saying steel is IN! Tell us how having a customized steel monogram in your home canimprove your design “swagger”?

Decorating your home with customizable steel is crucial to adding more “swag” at home.
Setting us apart from the many decor-based businesses is the fact that our designs are offered
and sold with the intent on lasting for an entire lifetime. With thousands of available products
on our website, we have something for everyone wanting to stand out from others.

4. What new products for 2020 is Redline Steel coming out with?

Since the start of 2020, we’ve opened a few new divisions within the company such as Leather
Bracelets and Keychains, Canvas Art (made in-house), and a full collection of Redline Apparel.
Additionally, we added a Wholesale division within the company and hope to continue
disrupting the home decor industry this year through further innovation and inspiration.

5. What are your tips to other young entrepreneurs who look up to you and your “swag”  on social media and want to pursue their own dreams in the business world?

Anyone wanting to build their brand and/or business must have that “Fighter’s” mentality.
Dream big and don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Know yourself and stop worrying about other
people’s opinions or lifestyle. Do what you love and surround yourself with others that hold
themselves to the same standard.

For more on Colin, Redline Steel and ways you too can give back through them during
these times, head over to:


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