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The Best Vegan CBD Gummies for Sale

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CBD gummies derived from hemp have seen a dramatic increase in popularity over the last few years as an alternative means for supporting a healthy lifestyle, in fact, 33% of Americans report having used CBD more than once.

As we learn more about CBD, it’s easy to see why. Many users of CBD report improvements in stress levels, pain management, recovery, sleep and more from CBD, which clinical trials are also showing encouraging signs of supporting.

CBD does not contain the psychoactive ingredients associated with THC, the other compound most common in marijuana. CBDs benefits without the intoxicating effects and the 2018 Farm Bill which expanded legal access to hemp has helped grow the pool of people who regularly turn to CBD for daily wellness. As the demand for CBD grows well, like a weed, so do the product selections available to choose from including CBD edibles, with a variety of options including vegan CBD gummies. 

Naturally Formulated CBD Gummies

Lunchbox Alchemy is a purveyor of a variety of CBD hemp gummies all with one goal in mind – to create a naturally effective product using the highest quality ingredients. That formulation starts with full-spectrum CBD oil, this is oil that contains the whole plant, which is thought to create a more effective experience when consumed. Their all-natural hemp gummies are also formulated with complementary natural ingredients like chamomile for Sleep and ginseng for Relief. A vegan recipe and natural fruit puree for flavoring completes these holistic hemp gummies, sure to be a tasty addition to any wellness routine.

Is There THC in Hemp Gummies? 

CBD gummies and other hemp products are generally legal (but check your local state’s regulations) so long as the hemp grown limits their THC to 0.03% or less. That amount of THC makes it nearly impossible to get high from a typical CBD gummy. Of course, this isn’t always the case in practice though.

A study conducted showed that often, products that claim to contain only CBD had higher amounts of THC than advertised and sometimes more than the legal limit. While hemp is legal under the 2018 Farm Bill it still isn’t regulated by the FDA making enforcement of regulations difficult. Less reputable companies often misrepresent the amount of CBD or THC in their products, this is more common in online brands from 3rd party vendors or products you find at random gas stations. It’s important to buy from reputable companies that offer third party testing results, like Lunchbox Alchemy which offers 2 testing results easily accessible from their website.

Some users want to experience the benefits of CBD without consuming any THC. The process of creating an entirely THC-free CBD product comes from the hemp extraction process. Full Spectrum CBD generally results in the aforementioned .03% THC levels. Broad-Spectrum CBD fully eliminates the THC cannabinoids while keeping all elements intact for a guaranteed THC-free vegan gummy.

The THC-Free Broad Spectrum Gummies is a flagship product of Lunchbox Alchemy because they understand that users value having a choice. Some people are genuinely uncomfortable with the idea of even consuming trace amounts of THC. Other people cannot be impaired in any way for religious reasons. Lunchbox Alchemy is all about providing CBD to as many people as possible with options for creating your own optimal CBD experience.

Full-Spectrum Hemp CBD gummies

The full-spectrum hemp extract process delivers all the cannabinoids present in the hemp extract to create an effective whole plant experience. Some of these cannabinoids include protein, fatty acids, vitamins, and terpenes for taste. These gummies contain THC, but only in trace amounts, certainly not enough to get users high. Standard full-spectrum options for the Lunchbox Alchemy lineup are designed to support common reasons people have for using CBD and include:

  • Sleep Full Spectrum Gummies
  • Relief Full Spectrum Gummies
  • Daily Full Spectrum Gummies

Buy The Best Vegan CBD Gummies For Sale Online

We have CBD gummies for sale that are vegan made from hemp, and help those struggling with insomnia. Studies show that CBD may be helpful in lowering cortisol levels which are elevated at night in people who have difficulty sleeping. Many people struggle to fall asleep at night, so Lunchbox Alchemy infused CBD with chamomile, a known sleep aid to help you hit the hay. Rated the Hemp Gummies for sleep by SF Weekly.

Relief Broad Spectrum Gummies are meant to help those with pain. CBD is often used as an aid for chronic injuries and has been said to help with discomfort, inflammation, and overall pain. The CBD gummies are infused with ginseng, which is also known for its pain-relieving qualities. 


Full Spectrum CBD Gummies are vegan made, and meant to be taken in as part of a daily regimen. This is helpful for people who experience anxiety, are suffering from long-term chronic pain or are looking to incorporate CBD as an overall wellness supplement. 

How Many Vegan CBD Gummies Should I Eat?

CBD is a safe drug that, even in extremely large quantities will not cause an overdose. Taking too much CBD can cause side effects that you’ll want to avoid though. A good dose is 25-50mg. You can find recommended doses on the label, but generally 1-2 normal strength gummies or 1 extra-strength gummy should be enough.

CBD Effects

CBD is known for helping in pain management. A study conducted in 2018 showed that CBD can help manage pain associated with cancer, neuropathy, and fibromyalgia. 

CBD also helps anxiety and relief for insomniacs. A massive systematic review of 38 studies, conducted in 2012, established a link between high CBD doses and therapeutic benefits for sleep and anxiety.

While these studies will continue to further establish a link between CBD and health benefits, many people report anecdotally that they experience these benefits. CBD has anti-inflammatory agents that have helped many people get the relief they need and the phenomenon of CBD helping insomniacs has been widely observed.

CBD Side Effects

Though CBD is a safe drug, certainly one of the safest on the spectrum, it is still not advised to take massive quantities. A 2017 updated safety and side effects of CBD review reports that large amounts of CBD can cause nausea and diarrhea. Other conclusions of the review state extreme drowsiness, lethargy, and general disorientation are also risks associated with too much CBD. This is why it is important to only take the recommended dosage unless otherwise advised by a doctor.


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