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The Perfect 5 Step Valentines Day Brunch — and Breakfast NOT in Bed

Looking to score some brownie points with your partner this Valentines Day? Instead of going out and fighting the masses, wake up a little earlier and cook her a brunch to remember. Don’t worry, you don’t have to be anything close to a Michelin chef to make it happen either. This perfect brunch recipe for two won’t take you longer than 15-minutes to prepare. But don’t just focus on the food, it’s all about the experience.


5 Quick easy steps to consider


1. Breakfast “not” in bed

Unless you own one of those laptop TV dinner tables please don’t actually serve breakfast to her in bed. Sure it looks great in the movies and on TV been in reality it’s cumbersome and she’ll be riddled with the anxiety of potentially tipping over a full cup of coffee on those crisp white sheets. At the kitchen table or the couch can be just as cosy with a little effort.


2. Setting the mood

I’m not talking about candles and music, it’s 10 AM, but throw out a blanket on the couch or use placements if you’re at the kitchen table. Something as simple as a single flower in a little cup of water can be considered the cutest thing on earth. And for gods sakes, the TV is not considered background music. Fire up Spotify and throw on something laid back. By the way music without lyrics it’s always preferred – soft jazz or even contemporary classical. Also, if you subscribe to Netflix search “fireplace channel”. You can turn that big 48 incher into a cute fake fireplace with genuine fireplace sound effects! Trust me, she’ll think you’re adorable.


3. Treat her like a customer

Like they do in your favourite restaurant, the first thing to take care of is her favourite morning drink, coffee, tea juice, a mimosa… Have it ready for when she wanders out into the kitchen. That simple gesture alone lets her know she’s about to be pampered. Tell her to take a seat and let her know that you’ve “got this”.


4. It’s not about the food

The last thing she should sense is that you’re stressed about cooking for her. That will kill the mood immediately and she’ll want to dive in and help you. The thing to remember is that she’ll be so impressed that you’ve already gone to this much effort you’ll have complete forgiveness as to the success of your dish.

This quick Poached Eggs and Asparagus, Arugula & Parmesan brunch recipe for two will have her licking her lips, and not ruffle your feathers in the kitchen either. Looking for something a little more hearty? This one-pan meal, a Simple Shakshuka, is perfect when you’re half awake in the early morning.



5. The perfect finish

You’ve sat down and connected over your perfectly prepared meal. Do not under any circumstances let her clear and clean. Make a point of emptying the dishwasher before she gets out of bed so your cleanup is completely streamline. and as professional service stuff does, offer her a top- up on her drink as you clear the table.


The golden rule is that it’s not what you do, it’s that you did it. Creating ambience, a little effort put into a table setting, your attempt at cooking a great meal, and her not having to lift a finger for cleanup. Who wouldn’t call that the perfect brunch? The little things will be at acknowledged and appreciated.



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