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Best Games You Can Play In A Live Casino

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You probably already know about online casinos–you see them through sites on the internet, and also on app stores like the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store–but did you know that there is a kind of online casino that is more exciting and more fun? They are called live online casinos.

Before you go ahead and download the bet365 application for Android, here are some of the most popular games you can play in a live online casino.

Slot games

When you go to your favorite land-based casino, one of the first things that you would actually see right after you enter the door is the wide choices of slot machine games. This is also the same for online casinos, be it the ordinary computer-based online casinos, or live online casinos. No matter the form it is played on, a casino is not complete without a slot machine game.

Having said that, Online casino owners took advantage of the popularity of slot games by offering bonuses and free spins for players, attracting them to play more and stay longer on their online casino.

Live casino slot games, as its name implies, are slot machine games that are dealt with by dealers–men and women dressed in elegant and attractive clothing. The game mechanics are still the same, but playing online slots is more exciting in a live casino game than playing all by yourself in a computer-based program only.

Card games

Of course, there would be card games. In the same way that a casino would not be complete without slot machine games, it would also not be the same without card games.

Name it, and you’ll have it. You can choose from blackjack and poker, the two most popular casino card games.

“Games of chance”

There are a lot of variations of a game of chance. The most simple and most straightforward “mini” games like a game of dice or the classic “color game” are considered games for chance. These are favorites for people who are looking to have a light, easy, and stress-free gaming time in a live online casino.

Another example of a “game of chance” is the popular roulette. While there are at least five or six forms of this popular casino game, each of them works similarly. A dealer gets the wheel spinning, throws the ball, calls off the bets, and the ball lands on a specific spot on the board.


Fancy for yourself a game of lottery? There are several lottery games you can find and play in a live online casino–from a game of bingo to a game of keno, or even a round of lotto, and there will surely be one that would fit your taste.

What makes playing this kind of games in a live online casino, you ask? Unlike playing these games through a computer-controlled software, hearing the live dealer call out the winning number–and that turned out to be you–is way more exciting that simply seeing it being flashed on your screen. 

More new games introduced

As time goes by, more and more games are being introduced and added to the roster of games that are playable in a live online casino. One of the most popular additions that some live online casinos have been offering for some time now is a live game of “Deal or No Deal.”

In a setup that is similar to the popular TV game show, a live “Deal or No Deal” game consists of pretty women as “dealers” with their own respective briefcases. These women are also in full makeup and dressed in elegant and fashionable nightgowns.

Final thoughts

There is no doubt that playing live casino games bring fun and excitement in playing online casinos like never before. Be that as it may, always remember the one most important thing: play hard, but always play responsibly.


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