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21 Interesting Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Ferrari

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Ferrari cars are some of the most celebrated cars in the world. They are awesome. That said, here are 21 interesting facts about Ferrari that you might not know.

1. The First Ferrari

The first-ever Ferrari was actually called the Auto Avio Costruzioni 815. It was a two-seater barchetta that hosted an impressive 1.5-liter engine.

2. Customization

Buyers can customize their purchase however they fancy. Whether it’s livery colours, finishes, interior trims, etc. The sky is the limit.

3. Power

The 812 Superfast is the fastest road car in the world. At 800 horsepower, it launches from 0-60mph in 2.9 seconds. Its top speed is 211 mph.

4. Fiat-Owned

In 2016, Fiat decide to relinquish control of the company. They’ve owned 50% of it since 1969. In 1988, his son Piero sold off more shares. This meant that Ferrari became an IPO.

5. Vets Represent

Count Francesco Baracca, a decorated pilot, died in WWI. Enzo met with the pilot’s mother. She asked him if he could use the horse symbol—which her son used on his planes—on the cars.

6. Fun Ford Feud

During the ’60s, Henry Ford II tried buying the company. Enzo didn’t budge. Ford then created the monster known as the GT40, around ’66, during a race, three GT40 cars took first, second and third place.

7. Ties to World War II

Unfortunately, Allied forces bombed the factory in Maranello in 1944. It wouldn’t be until 1947 that the first official road-legal Ferrari—the V12 125 S—rushed the scene.

8. Profit Loss

We know that the road-legal Ferrari was launched in 1947. What many don’t know is why: super fast race-only cars weren’t profitable. The bombings forced the company to produce profitable cars for public use.

9. Drivers

From 15 F1 Drivers’ World titles, 16 F1 Constructors’ World titles, Le Mans 24 Hours victories, 216 F1 Grand Prix victories, and more… Ferrari has won more than 5,000 trophies since the first win in 1947.

10. Rental

These cars are expensive. You can rent a Ferrari for a day in the Los Angeles area. Depending on the model you want, prices range from $1,250 a day to $1,990 a day.

11. Riches

The company makes $1.5 billion in retail sales each year worldwide. They know how to make their merchandise work for them. They sell clothing, headphones, chronograph watches, etc.

12. Licensing

Aside from products, the company licenses its brand. Oakley, Lego, Kyosho, Mattel and Electronic Arts are just a few.

13. Racing Slump

2010 was a travesty for Ferrari. The company, who once dominated F1 racing, only scored a measly 8 points during a season.

14. Collaboration

All road-legal Ferrari vehicles were designed with legendary Pininfarina, an Italian design studio. Sergio Pininfarina himself has a share in Ferrari. This collaboration has been healthy since the ‘50s.

15. Price

New or used, people are more than willing to drop big bucks on Ferraris. In 2014, the 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO was sold at an auction for $34.65 million.

16. Go, Horsey, Go

They’re fast, that’s why we love them. No Ferrari is more cherished than the Ferrari F60. It blasts like a lightning bolt from 0-100km/hr in 3.2 seconds.

17. Ferrari Theme Park

Ferrari World opened in Abu Dhabi in 2010. It’s the world’s largest theme park indoors. It has the world’s fastest rollercoaster clocking in at 150mph.

18. Testa Rossa

Testa Rossa means “red head” in Italian. Peculiar name for a 3.5-liter 12-cylinder engine. Yet, that’s precisely what the producers used for both the engine and the Ferrari super car in 1984.

19. Hollywood Star

The brand featured in Hollywood cinema. From “Le Mans” in 1971, starring Steve McQueen, to Miami Vice on TV and Pixar’s hit animated film Cars. Ferrari has appeared everywhere.

20. War Hero

Enzo is also a decorated veteran. Having served in the 3rd Mountain Artillery Regiment during World War 1. He is a worldwide hero.

21. Ford vs. Ferrari (2019)

The movie depicts the real-life “battle” between the two car giants. It will focus heavily on the rivalry between them during the Le Mans in 1966. The movie, starring Christian Bale and Matt Damon, is scheduled for release this June.

With all the success of Ferrari, it’s hard to imagine Enzo as a 10-year-old boy. Yet his love of racing would fuel his passion for creating cars. This alone should teach us about pursuing our dreams. RIP, Enzo.



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