The Ultimate Birthday Wish for The Guy with Everything

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While most guys enjoy their birthdays, their emotional attachment to the day is usually much less than women experience as their counterparts. The challenge women face every year, as a result of that, is formidable to say the least. When your guy is capable of providing his own toys and entertainment, you can focus on his wishes and not his needs, and that’s where the fun begins!

In order to top all his birthdays before, start early in the planning stages. If he’s lucky enough to live in the town that his favourite sports team resides, reserve those box seats for him and his posse early in the season. Does his crew go all out on game day? Have the makeup and tattoos along with the correct jerseys ready to go! Begin the day with a tailgate party complete with his cake and favourite game day beverage. Host his day as far as the ticket office, lay a big kiss on him and disappear! His buddies will wish you were theirs.

If the team isn’t home town, then, again, plan early. Along with those box seats, reserve the plane tickets and hotel room in advance. It’s a lot of fun to attend a home game, as the crowd will be supporting your man’s team. Study up on the team and his favourite players as you’ll want to be the perfect companion for this sports adventure. Make a 3-day weekend of this. Enjoy a wonderful romantic meal including a romantic desert to acknowledge his birthday with. Most restaurants are happy to accommodate a private celebration at the table, so make them aware of his special day as you make reservations.

If either of you cannot get away, consider throwing a sports themed party at home. Go easy on the decorations and crazy over the different food to serve. Invite his buddies and their girls with the plan of being out of sight, but at their beck and call as they root their teams on to victory! You and the girls can party in the kitchen!

Don’t forget guys love the latest gadgets! These are always winners when it comes to gift giving, so check out the latest, items on the market.

8 Birthday Presents He’ll Adore

Looking for the perfect gift for your man? Look no further, the collection of ideas presented here will have you to being adored!

1. Preserve a memory: Does he keep his favourite picture tacked up on the fridge? If so, imagine his surprise to find the image on his coffee mug or a mouse pad to take to work. Enlarge the photo to poster size and frame for a personal piece of art. The sky is the limit on surfaces you can transfer to. Think of hobbies and go online to search out all the possibilities and price range.

2. Presents for Outdoor Living: If your man enjoys grilling then perhaps the latest grilling gadget is in order. Personalize by filling a basket with specialty items picked just for him! From sauce brushes to gourmet spices, grilling tools are always needed and enjoyed. Consider some big boy toys. Outdoor televisions are very popular right now but expensive. The traditional hammock never goes out of style, nor will love, if you purchase one big enough for 2! Set the mood with a wireless speaker system to be enjoyed with his favourite tunes.

3. Gifts to satisfy the appetites: What is your guy passionate about? Whether it’s that favourite sport team he loves or the game itself, a basket specially designed with those pleasures in mind are easy to come by and very appreciated. Just about any food and drink can be combined for a unique celebration of his day. An item of the month club concentrating on a theme can be a lot of fun and give him something to look forward to year-round.

4. Gifting Experience: What about an adventure your guy will never forget? Whether it’s a hot air balloon he dreams of or driving a race car on an official track, these dreams are found in the many camps offered worldwide. Go ahead and book your wannabe rock star today!

5. Inspector Gadget: Every year the latest gadgets arrive more sophisticated than the year before. The latest in the mechanic world is Car MD. This will allow him to diagnose any car trouble he may be experiencing just like the pros! The wireless sports caster goes anywhere and allows him to catch the game no matter the schedule for the day. The more specific to his likes the better.

6. Men’s Wallet: The most popular gift for most people is a wallet. But with so many styles to choose from, it can be difficult to figure out which one is best. The most popular type of wallet is a bi fold wallet, with a flap that folds over on top of the wallet. Many people love these with a money clip attachment on the outside, allowing them to stash their bills quickly and efficiently. A top grain leather wallet with several credit card slots is another great option. For those who want to carry large amounts of cash, a bifold leather wallet is a good option as well.

7. Men’s Ties: The best time to offer birthday gift to your dad, brother or husband is right now! All men need a beautiful tie for their suits or shirts, which can get them a lot of compliments from other people. Some of us have a hard time choosing a tie since we have a lot of options. If this is your case, then you will be happy to know that there are some amazing designers, who have made it easier to find a perfect gift.

8. Men’s Grooming Gifts: Metrosexual man has been born. But there’s way more than just that. Men in general are spending more and more time and more and more money taking better care of themselves. Most men will unashamedly have an opinion and active interest in fashion, skin care and hair care. This provides a really cool gift idea with men’s grooming kits becoming special gift ideas. Just like the men’s face care kit featured below.


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