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7 Fitness Essentials Every Man Needs

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With Fall upon us, it’s more important than ever for men to focus on their fitness. As the weather gets colder, it’s easy to want to stay inside and skip leg day, but with all the festivities come extra calories. Whether you’re working out in your home gym or taking advantage of a gym membership, there are fitness essentials from which every guy can benefit. If you’re looking to update the contents of your gym bag or workout wardrobe, keep reading for all the must-haves you need. 

Fuel for the Fire 

Whether you’re bulking up or just trying to maintain, ensuring you’ve got the right fuel for your fitness journey is key to getting the most out of your hard work. Make sure you throw some energy bars into your gym bag, shake powder, and a bottle if you’re supplementing with them. Even a reusable water bottle to hydrate in a moment of downtime can make all the difference in your stamina during your workout.

Athletic Underwear 

Let’s face it, the quickest way to get uncomfortable while working on your fitness is if you’re sporting the wrong skivvies. If you don’t already own athletic underwear, it’s time to invest. The right athletic undies can not only be moisture-wicking to prevent itchiness and uncomfortable issues; they’re also thermoregulating. Lastly, athletic underwear ensures everything’s supported no matter what movement you’re making, which is a game-changer. 

Yoga and Pilates Socks 

Not only are low-impact exercises a great way to get to know others, as opposed to a solitary workout, but their benefits are also immense. Cardio and strength training play major roles in overall fitness, but the mindfulness and flexibility of yoga and pilates pay off for men of any age. If you’ve taken a class and want to take your workout to the next level, a pair of pilates socks is life-changing. These socks help you keep your grip through even the most intense poses and free rein of motion. 


Workout Gloves 

Just because you’re a guy doesn’t mean you want rough, calloused hands. Especially if you’re into heavy lifting, you’ll want a pair of workout gloves to keep your hands feeling baby soft. Workout gloves help you grip your equipment and keep a better handle on things, which lets you work out more easily than bare hands. Even if you’re not a lifter, Fall morning jogs outdoors can leave your hands chapped, so moisture-wicking gloves for outdoor exercise are smart, too.

Hygiene Essentials 

If you belong to a gym, hygiene essentials are critical, but they’re important at home, too, even if the shower is a few steps away. We don’t always have time to shower before a meeting or coffee date. Stock your gym bag or home workout area with items like body wipes, extra deodorant, and dry shampoo. A small towel is also great if you know you’re a sweater.

Critical Tech 

These days, we’re so entwined with technology that it just makes sense to incorporate it onto your fitness essentials list. If you’re working out from home, the right apps or YouTube videos queued up can make a big difference in managing your gym time. Wearing a fitness tracker like a Fitbit can keep you motivated and accountable. Roller Sticks are a great way to ease sore muscles after a tense workout. There are countless tech options to incorporate into your fit lifestyle, so find some that make your workouts easier and reap their benefits.

The Right Shoes 

In the same way that pilates socks can make or break your yoga or pilates class, the right shoes impact your harder workouts tremendously. Making sure you invest in the highest quality athletic shoes you can afford will help you stay energized, comfortable, and also safe at the gym. If you’re on the treadmill, a running shoe is a given. If you’re lifting, there are shoes specifically designed for weightlifting.

Your list should include other items like compression socks or leggings and moisture-wicking shirts to keep you cool and dry as you work out. Your individual needs may be different from someone else’s, but all men can benefit from the above items. Make sure you’re ready for your next workout by adding them to your gym bag.



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