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4 Ways to Bring More Fun into Your Sex Life this Weekend

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There are many people who are keen to spice things up in the bedroom and add a little excitement to their sex lives. With the hassles and stresses of daily life, couples often find that their sex life takes a back seat. Many don’t have the time or energy to try to add that special spark. However, it is important to make an effort when it comes to intimacy in the bedroom.

If you want to find ways of adding some oomph to your sex life this weekend, there are a number of different solutions you can try. It is important to remember that sex is supposed to be fun and enjoyable rather than a chore that you feel compelled to go along with. With this in mind, you should try to be creative and think outside the box.

Some Methods You Can Try

There are various methods you can use in order to add excitement and thrills to your sex life this weekend. Some of these include:


Using Sex Toys

One of the best ways to add some excitement to your sex life is through the use of sex toys. There are many different sex toys you can choose from these days, with options for you, your partner, and for couples. Using these sex toys will enable you to enjoy a unique sexual experience with your partner. It also provides you with a simple yet highly effective way to add a special spark to your bedroom activities.

Dressing Up

Many people find that role play is a great way to spice of their sex lives, and this includes dressing up for the occasion. From playing doctors and nurses through to dressing up in uniform, everyone has their own fantasies. By taking some time to discuss your fantasies and then making place for a scenario and dressing-up session, you can look forward to a truly unique experience this weekend!

Using Erotic Massage

Making one another feel more relaxed and sensuous is another key way to add some spice to you sex life. The perfect way to do this is to enjoy a warm bubble-bath or hot shower together and then give one another a sensual massage using the variety of erotic massage oils available on the market. You can get as intimate as you dare with your massage, which will prepare you both for a thrilling night of passion.

Consider New Positions

One final thing you can do is to think outside the box when it comes to positions. Rather than going for the same tried and tested positions time and time again, explore new ones that neither of you have tried before. You can even get online or purchase books to help you with this, and you never know what sorts of exciting positions you may discover!

All these tips can help to add excitement and passion to your sex life this weekend, so you can look forward to spicing things up in the bedroom department.


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