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Great Tips for Adding Spice to Your Love Life

Sailun Tires

Leave the Bed behind

One of the best ways to change scenes is to simply look for novel locations for adding spice to sex life. You need not skirt the borders of public indecency in search for fun and adventure. Even just moving to the couch, desk, armchair, stairs or coffee table presents plenty of popular diversion. Just do be mindful of other residents.

Go a step further and introduce sex toys like loveplugs butt plugs, bound to add some spice into your sex life.

Make eye contact

Begin connecting through the eyes intentionally. This is not having a stare down, but rather opening an opportunity to transfer energy through eyes. This can be done in and out of bed, during conversations, the more practice the better.

Get a new point of view

Set up a mirror so you get a good view of each other from a whole new perspective. Watching yourselves in action is major turn on and a mirror reduces the chances of a video going viral.

Keep your clothes on

Only remove what must be removed to get right into the action. Unzip flies and slide underwear to the side.  This may seem hasty, but often this got-to-have-you know urgency stimulates the mind makes for a hot encounter.

Play show and tell

This requires some restraint on both sides, but is a great way to learn more about each other. Using your hand provide your partner with an in-depth illustration of how and where you like to be touched. Then you can do some practice runs, be sure to communicate what is and isn’t working.

Try blind oral

Blindfold your partner before performing oral sex. The blindfolded person will have heightened sensation when their sight is gone. Being hyper alert and completely unaware of what you will do next can greatly increase their anticipation.

Saved by the bell

Set timers and don’t touch each other anywhere that would be covered by a conventional bathing suit for a full thirty minutes.  Though this may seem like dragging out the inevitable, it will also heighten the anticipation which increases the pleasure of the experience.

Look, no hands!

Go about your business, but keep your hands off your partner. Rather than touching with hands and fingers, use the lips, skin and breath to explore and tantalize each other.

Play sexy trivia

If you and your partner have extensive history, play a game of asking question about it and following up correct answers with rewards. “Where was our first kiss?” or “what was I wearing on our first date?” are some good examples. As your partner accumulates correct answers your clothes must come off, but if they can’t produce a correct answer, their clothes are removed.

Find your alter ego

If you normally play the quiet or submissive role in the bedroom, try taking charge of the moment. If you are more prone to softer colors and pastels, try on some black lingerie and heels. Learning more about each other allows for greater opportunities to excite and satisfy each other.

Experiment with your grooming

Be sure to look over the Guide to Down Under for ideas and tips. Trying out new styles in the pubic region can not only add to visual appeal but add exciting sensations also.

Make a sex playlist

If you haven’t already, make a playlist with all your favorite songs that set paces, tempos and rhythms. Then make it a point to match the rhythms and tempos you hear.



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