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7 Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Heating System

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As a homeowner, you need to properly maintain your heating system to optimize its lifespan. Nevertheless, there comes a time when the smartest decision you can make is to opt for a new heating system. Here are seven signs it’s time to replace your heating system.

1. Age

If properly maintained, heating systems are built to last for approximately 10 to 15 years. If your heating system is over this age or you can’t seem to remember how old it is, you should start thinking about replacing it. A good rule is to stick to reputable HVAC companies like Action AC to help take down your old unit and set up a modern and efficient one.

2. High energy bills

Are you worried about your ever-rising energy bills, especially over the cold seasons? This is a worthy indicator that you need to consider replacing your heating system with a better and energy-efficient model. Luckily, in an age where home automation is the future, you will love the variety of options available to help lower your energy bills.

3. Frequent need for repair

Do you have to schedule expensive repairs more often than you used to a few years ago? Those bills you have to pay now and then could be avoided by choosing to invest in a new heating system that will save you from those constant troubles. It gets better as while this might not be a cheap home improvement idea, a new heating system is guaranteed to last for several years before requiring any major repairs.


4. Difficulty heating all the rooms

If you have constant trouble heating all the rooms in your house, this is a sign that your heating system is failing and needs to be replaced. Remember, proper heat distribution is critical in making your home cozy during cold winters and helping your loved ones avoid unwanted sick days.

5. Inconsistent heat

Are there noticeable temperature differences when you move from one room to another? If you have already spent too much on repairs and this problem persists, it is time to prioritize replacing your heating system.

6. Visual damages

Nothing spells disaster in waiting like a visibly damaged heating system as it is likely to fail at any given moment. In turn, if you notice your boiler or other major components of your heating system are damaged, you should start thinking about getting a new one. If you have valid boiler insurance, this upgrade will be cheaper to finance as your insurer will cover most, if not all, of these upgrades.

7. Strange noises and smells

A common sign that your heating system has underlying problems and needs professional repair or replacement is strange noises and smells. In these instances, it is best to opt for a technical evaluation to help determine if it is better to replace your entire heating system or settle for repairs.


Your heating system always needs to be in its best condition. Follow these tips to  determine when to replace it. 


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