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Top 5 Men’s Lifestyle Trends for 2020

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Here are five lifestyle trends that could be a part of men’s lives in 2020. Read on to check out these lifestyle changes for men in the year ahead!

As we enter into a new decade, it’s time to take a look at how men’s lives will change in the coming year. Some things are for certain in 2020, such as the Olympics (providing coronavirus doesn’t put a stop to it), men will still pull out the stops to get the girls, and two NASA space probes will run out of fuel somewhere in the Milky Way after 45 years in space.

But obscure facts to one side, the way men’s lives will change is still up for debate. Here are five lifestyle trends that could become part of male lives in all corners of the globe.

Back to Old School

Tech has always been a boys’ toy that gets men interested and excited. But in 2020 you may not just get your kicks form playing the latest video games on your PS4 console or slots at PartyCasino. This is in spite of the meteoric rise in the popularity of online casinos and gaming. Going forward, it won’t be just who has the biggest tv and best wireless speakers. There is now a growing trend for people to enjoy movies via 35mm film projectors. Hence the reason why places like the Metrograph in New York is quickly becoming the place to be for film lovers. This move back to the old school is the reason why vinyl records have enjoyed a new lease of life.

You’ll Start considering the Environment More

Environmental issues have always been a concern and many men have tried to be conscious when they can. However, recent bushfires in Australia and other global weather changes are making more men sit up and follow the fairer sex in being just as environmentally considerate. You may start browsing the electric section of car dealerships and even replace steak night every so often with a veggie curry.

Non-Alcoholic Craft Beers

The craft beer sector is already surging to dizzy heights of popularity, but for men who are wanting to consume less alcohol, there has never been a great alternative – until now. Today a range of breweries are now offering craft beers with zero alcohol. To drop some names, they include Athletic Brewing, Surreal and Bravus. Check their non-alcoholic concoctions out soon!

Eating Plants

2019 was the year that one documentary changed the way a whole generation of fitness fanatic men looked at their dinner plates. The Game Changers aired on Netflix and explained how a plant-based diet could be better for the body, health, fitness, improve gut health and even improve your sexual performance. The documentary may not transform you into a vegetarian or vegan, but it might make you cut some of your meat consumption and swap it for plant-based foods.

Attention to Recovery

Staying on the fitness track, men are also likely to start paying closer attention to recovery just as much as their workout sessions. The post-workout phase has been receiving a lot more notice of late, and this is developing men’s attitudes towards the value of massages and even cryotherapy chambers.

We might not have our hoverboards just yet, and beards will still be cool, but there is still plenty to get excited about and look forward to as men of 2020!


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