The Best Cities for Startup Online Businesses

The idea of operating a business without an office or a brick-and-mortar store seemed completely crazy a few decades ago. In a relatively short period, the landscape of starting a business has changed completely. These days, there is no end to the kinds of products that you can sell successfully over the internet. Garments, food, homewares, computer components, video games, and the list goes on.

As long as you have the right system set up, you should be able to sell almost anything or conduct any kind of business (depending on the laws of the country or state from which you operate, especially if you are starting a casino business) online!

Most people would think that the location of such a business- your home base- is not that important. But there are a lot of factors to consider when choosing where to put down roots and start a business. To help you along, we have compiled a list of the five best cities worldwide for you to start your online business in. Let’s take a look!

Oslo, Norway

Facts about Oslo:

The capital of Norway was once known by another name; Christiania. King Christian, the 4th of Norway and Denmark, rebuilt the city after a fire ravaged a large portion of it in 1624. While the poor part of the city remained as Oslo, he christened the new and rebuilt part Christiania. The name of Oslo was only returned to the whole city in 1925.

The famed Nobel Peace Prize is awarded once a year in Oslo. The prize has been awarded almost every year since 1903. It is given to an individual who has “done the most or the best work for fraternity between nations, for the abolition or reduction of standing armies and for the holding and promotion of peace congresses.”

Why is Oslo good for an online business?

Being a capital city, Oslo has a significant population. While the majority of Oslo is still forest land, the population of 1,056,180 people has many needs to be filled. Their economy is geared towards private and government businesses so that you will have a wealth of potential customers. The Scandinavian nations are among the safest in the world, so your orders will never be stolen, and your business location/ warehouse is highly unlikely ever to sustain losses to theft. Having very low startup costs and one of the best online infrastructures doesn’t hurt either.

Image by Djordje Petrovic via Pexels

Kansas City, Missouri, USA

Facts about Kansas City:

While prohibition was going strong through the rest of America, Kansas City was still a place to party. The city completely ignored the prohibition rules imposed on the rest of the county and was home to a vast array of jazz clubs and speakeasies. It was even called “The Paris of the Plains” by one journalist.

Walt Disney’s first animation studio was located in Kansas City. There was a resident mouse in their office that Disney fed and would, later on, become the inspiration for Mickey Mouse.

Why is Kansas City good for an online business?

While Kansas City may not be one of the biggest metropolises on our list, it does have incredible internet speed. This fact obviously puts it way ahead as a choice for any sort of online operation. The cost of living in KC is extremely low, so setting up yourself and your home base won’t break the bank, leaving more funds free to be poured into the business.

Image by Fauxels via Pexels

Seoul, South Korea

Facts about Seoul:

Online gamers in Seoul are known worldwide for their obsession with their favorite pastime. Many ESports tournaments are hosted here, with substantial cash prizes on offer. Some even take gaming so seriously that there have been a few deaths from excessive gaming exhaustion.

The animation for series such as The Simpsons and South Park was processed in Seoul.

Why is Seoul good for an online business?

The quality of life in Seoul is said to be one of the best in the world. In a system where everything works as it should, it’s much easier to insert yourself into the market successfully. There are many resources available to a startup and also many incredible tech firms to help you along your way. The internet is fast and online shopping is already a firm favorite.

Quebec City, Canada

Facts about Quebec:

French is their official first language. All education, trade, and economic activities conducted here must be carried out in French, with English being a second language. Even KFC is called Poulet Frit du Kentucky!

Quebec has its own big five: the blue whale, the snowy owl, the grey wolf, the black bear, and the moose. The natural surroundings are truly breathtaking.

Why is Quebec City good for an online business?

The bandwidth in Quebec city will never fail you, and the internet infrastructure is very well set up. Start-up costs for businesses in Quebec City are some of the lowest in the US: you might even be able to get going for under $1000. While the cost of living is not as low as some places on our list, it is very reasonable and the city is safe.

Sheffield, England

Facts about Sheffield:

Football is BIG in Sheffield. The city is host to not only the world’s oldest football team, Sheffield FC, but also the world’s oldest football grounds, Sheffield Hallam’s Crosspool location.

The ratio of trees to people in Sheffield is the highest of any city in Europe. There are more than 2 million trees in all of their parks and forests, as well as suburban areas.

Why is Sheffield good for an online business?

The culture in the city of Sheffield is very business-friendly, and the competition in the economy is fairly small. This offers your business access to resources without the prices being driven through the roof. The city is taking steps to convert its waste into clean energy, which should be a concern for any professional starting a business. The internet speeds are fast, and the cost of living is low.


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