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Antoine Sallis, A Shark in the Business World

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Entrepreneurship is a state of mind. If a person wants to venture into the business world, they have to sacrifice to be successful. They have to be myopic, and completely focused and unbalanced in every way.

Antoine Sallis will tell you that success is nothing without passion. Yes, failures might have tried to weigh you down, but you have to take charge of your destiny at every downturn. These are affirmations that Antoine Sallis, the credit guru, wants potential entrepreneurs to know.

He is the founder of Rapid Credit Boosters, a credit repair company, and more recently, Pacc 10 Exotics, an establishment in the car rental business. Both of these companies fall under the umbrella of its parent company, Pacc 10 Enterprise.  As a credit repair expert, Antoine Sallis gives his clients financial management advice and insights that could potentially improve their credit score.

He uses years of experience to craft his techniques, and this is something that enables him to connect better with his clients, and possibly impart them with his immense knowledge. Now he wants to forge a better future for Pacc 10 Exotics (, a firm that rents out exotic cars to interested customers.

Pacc 10 Enterprise has been operating under the premise of ‘changing the lives of people’. Antoine Sallis has been showing his clients how to leverage their credit and improve their overall credit score. He reiterates that there is a difference between knowing how to do this and having good credit. This way, anyone can experience financial independence and achieve their dreams. They will be able to buy that home or car, start a business and travel with minimal challenges. Antoine Sallis says that there is always a way out, even for someone with bad credit and very little money. He shows people how they can circumvent their situation, and still, get their needs met.

Currently, Pacc 10 Enterprise is a multi-million-dollar business that is steadily expanding the reach of its services to many other states in the country. The growth of this organization is attributed to excellent customer service. Through referrals and consistent marketing, Pacc 10 Enterprise has been able to get hold of new clients from diverse population fronts.

Pacc 10 Exotics will be using the same operational dynamics to establish itself as one of the best car rental companies. The focus, as usual, will be on customers. Making them feel special by availing to them luxurious and prestigious cars. Aside from this, Antoine Sallis will be educating his customers on the importance of leveraging their credit to get residual income.

Antoine Sallis considers himself to be a shark in the business world.  He has achieved this status by being a fearless leader, executing his ideas, embracing people around him, letting his passion guide him, and most importantly, never giving up. Now, he has his eyes set to be guest shark on his favorite show, “Shark Tank”.  This is his state of mind as an entrepreneur.


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