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Top Three Niches for Budding Entrepreneurs

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You’ve been bitten by the entrepreneur bug and are ready to become your own boss. After all, it seems like everyone you know has started a business and are doing pretty well. Now, you want to join them in the self-made club where you call the shots. There are plenty of ways to make money online and become your own boss.

But in addition to knowing which niche to focus on, you need to know where to market yourself. Pursuing your passions is always the best way to go, however, sometimes you can find success in niches you never thought of. Below are three niches that can help you live that self-made life.


When you hear the word beauty, what comes to mind? Years ago, most people associated anything that involved beauty with a female demographic. Albeit makeup, hair care or skin-care products, there really wasn’t much available for men. Thankfully, we’re a more inclusive society, which means marketing products to both genders is easier than ever. In fact, there’s an entire niche where you can sell products exclusively to men. Aside from the obvious, like cologne or aftershave, you can become an expert on beard balm, manscaping and even the top trending hairstyles for men.


From interior design to helping others live a more fulfilling life, the lifestyle niche has exploded in popularity. But even with so many influencers making a name for themselves, there’s still room for you as well. Whatever your focus is under the lifestyle umbrella, you need to zero in on Instagram for exposure. While other types of marketing, specifically Google or Facebook can boost website views, the lifestyle niche is all about visuals. And while most influencers in this niche are self-taught, many have from a social media or marketing background.


With that said, if you know the basics, but really want to become an expert in your field, going back to school and earning a graduate degree is a good idea. You can opt for traditional federal loan backing, or you can apply for a loan with a private lender. Most times, private lenders are be equipped to offer more affordable terms and repayment options as well.


If your superpower is teaching others how to start and grow their own business, now’s the time to build your own dream. COVID changed the way we think about work. It’s no longer about schlepping to the office and paying our dues. Now, something as simple as selling presets or mockups online can bloom into a full-time business. Think about the best cities for online startups and how your location of choice impacts your business. If you choose this route, you need to provide value to your audience. Even though you need to earn money, you first need to offer enough freebies to grow your following.

You can use TikTok to offer quick snippets of information and push traffic to your other social media platforms. Most would-be entrepreneurs want to know the best, not to mention the least expensive, way to get their business off the ground. So, regardless of what they’re trying to sell or promote, you can be that initial stop on their journey.



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