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Teaching Business Education on the Internet

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Business education is an essential for a successful leader. Despite the fact that all businesses are individual, they operate according to the same laws. And these laws should be known!

Possessing modern knowledge is a powerful competitive advantage; therefore, a successful businessman constantly improves his/her qualifications, reads specialized magazines, attends thematic seminars, conferences, etc.

The Internet makes it possible to avoid the loss of travel time associated with the acquisition of the necessary knowledge. Today, you can get a business education online, that is, in the mode of interactive learning. This is called E-learning – just enter the Internet anywhere in the world and you get access to all the necessary educational materials and teachers.

The systemic revolution in modern education is possible thanks to the emergence of the mooc – massive open online courses. The first mooc courses appeared abroad at the turn of the 2010s and immediately got crazy success among people eager for new knowledge. “Thus, according to the statistics of the aggregator of mass online Class-Central courses, if in 2014 the number of mooc students was 17 million people, in 2015 their number increased to 35 million!” – says Dale Cardwell, Pro-papers expert who specialized in business administration. He asserts that the base of the courses is also growing at the same rapid pace: if in 2014 the number of moocs was fixed at 2600, then at the beginning of 2016 this figure jumped to 4200. It is worthy of note that such online courses are increasingly being provided by leading universities in the world – Harvard, Stanford, Princeton, etc.

Today various lectures on YouTube, lecture notes and additional materials are available for students. You can use them by yourself in a self-study mode, or you can use distance business courses online. Distance learning in the mooc format has given many people a chance to realize their cherished dream – to gain knowledge of the Master of Business Administration (MBA) level.

The number of online courses and lessons online — both paid and free — is multiplied at a great rate. As a matter of fact, these educational programs are developing not only on business topics, but also in many applied fields, in different areas of art and even in academic scientific disciplines.

However, online business programs dominate the search for “online courses”. As well as in business-related disciplines (for example, courses for financial advisors on family budgeting and investing, lessons on various aspects of computer technology, hand-master workshops) and potentially used in the business aspects of communication between people (languages, psychology, writing texts).

Of course, the mentioned online lessons portals from Cambridge American (where MIT is located) and British Oxford contain numerous business lessons.

So, how avail of this opportunity? It’s easy. The team decided to simplify your task and tell you about all the main points of getting a business education online.

First, you need to find an averaged list of disciplines that correspond to the master’s degree in business administration. Currently, a single standardized MBA program does not exist, but the main subjects for this specialty are accounting, finance, marketing, management, micro- and macroeconomics, operational management, human resources management, strategic management, ethics, leadership, entrepreneurship and information systems management.

Basing on this list, you can choose the appropriate discipline (each lasts for about 2-10 weeks). These courses can either be studied for free, or be trained with tests and exams for a fee, after which you can receive a certificate. This training can be done not only at the computer at work or at home, but it also can be downloaded like a mobile application: this will allow you to study even on the way.

One video lesson (lecture) or a series of video and / or text-graphic materials – is one-sided teaching, without feedback from students and teachers;

Videos, text, images with feedback from students and teachers on forums or chats (allowing, inter alia, to perform tasks with their checking by teachers and the resulting advice from such checks);

An individual lesson via Skype or using other video conferencing tools is especially convenient for studying accounting and tax aspects, aspects of the Internet business due to the ability to broadcast images on the interlocutors’ screens to each other via Skype, even in the absence of a webcam from listeners.

An educational webinar via Skype or using other means of video conferencing is actually a complete semblance of a real conference with a large number of listeners asking questions and receiving answers both verbal and text, and using graphics, video, software. At the same time the listeners are not in the audience, and everyone sits at his/her computer.

Truly speaking, mass webinars are usually not held on a regular basis, but on a certain day and time set by the teacher’s company regardless the desires of listeners. However, videos of conducted webinars are often sold or laid out free of charge by providers of regular distance education – as an effective educational tool for online courses that are available anytime from anywhere in the world.

Finally, in the overwhelming majority of cases, payment for courses is assumed using an online card payment. Details of payment orders for transactions from legal entities are most often sent to the course listener after a special request to the company that organized the course.

Thus, getting a business education using the Internet is more than realistic. You just need to choose a training course, pay for it, and receive access the database on the website of an educational institution. Then everything depends solely on your immediate desire to achieve something more.



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