Best Oracle Certifications in 2020

Oracle’s high-performance database helps businesses manage high-volume data with efficiency. But Oracle is not just about databases. The company’s cloud solutions, storage, servers, and engineered systems are highly regarded as well. All of these products require qualified specialists. That’s why Oracle has created an extensive certification program. Most employers will also be looking for various Oracle certifications. So, which do you need? Here’s the ultimate guide to the best Oracle certifications in 2020!

Oracle Certification Paths

The Oracle certification program includes two main categories, known as paths: Oracle Cloud and Oracle Hardware/Software. Here’s what you need to know:

Oracle Cloud

The Oracle Cloud path includes certifications for the following products:

  • Oracle Cloud Infrastructure
  • PaaS
  • Saas – CX
  • SaaS – EPM
  • SaaS – ERP
  • SaaS – HCM
  • SaaS – SCM

Within each of these products, you may find potential certifications covering topics like data management, integration, application development, security, and more.

Oracle Hardware/Software

The Oracle Hardware/Software path includes certifications for the following products:

  • Applications
  • Database
  • Enterprise Management
  • Java and Dev Tech
  • Middleware
  • Business Intelligence
  • Industries
  • Operating Systems
  • Systems
  • Virtualization

Within each of these products, there are a number of potential certifications. For example, the Applications product has available certifications for E-Business Suite, Hyperion, PeopleSoft, Siebel, and more.

Oracle Certification Levels

Oracle certifications also have varying levels. These levels include junior associate, associate, professional, master, specialist, and expert. If you’re seeking out a certification for a new job, be sure to check the job listing to see what level is expected.

Best Oracle Certifications to Get In 2020

As you can see, there are many certifications available for Oracle products. Some of them are more popular and demanded more often by candidates and employers. So, which do you really need? In this post, we’ll cover some of the best Oracle certifications to get in 2020. We’ll review the requirements and help you to make an informed decision so you can choose the one you need.

1.Oracle Database SQL Certified Associate Certification

An Oracle Database SQL Certified Associate requires a strong understanding of fundamental SQL concepts relevant to any database project. Successful candidates demonstrate their in-depth knowledge and skills to work with SQL and the Oracle Database Server.


This certification requires that you:

  • Understand queries, insert, update, and delete SQL statements
  • Are familiar with Data Definition Language (DDL) and Data Control Language (DCL
  • Understand the optimizer, tales, and indexes before normalization and data modeling

Salary Expectations

Oracle Database SQL specialists earn around $76k per year according to Payscale.


The only exam in this certification is Oracle Database SQL. This exam tests fluency in SQL for creating and manipulating Oracle Database tables. It also shows that the candidate understands data modeling. While preparing, candidates will embrace general computing concepts and the command line.

2. OCP Java EE 7 Application Developer Certification

This OCP Java EE 7 Application Developer Certification is a Java EE and Web Services certification path. Certification holders have the necessary skills to design and manage applications utilizing Java Platform, Enterprise Edition 7.


This is one of the best Oracle certifications, targeting non-beginner Java front-end and back-end application developers as well as expert software engineers and architects who establish web-based user interfaces using Java EE 7 technology. Holders of this certification should be able to use JavaScript and Java Server Pages, JSFs (Java Server Faces), and servlets. They should also understand the following:

  • Java EE Architecture
  • Bean Validation and JPA entities in managing persistence
  • Business logic using Enterprise Java Beans
  • Java Message Service API
  • SOAP Services using JAXB and JAX-WS APIs
  • Implementing REST Services with JAX-RS API
  • Using JSPs and Servlets to create Java web apps
  • Developing web apps using JSFs
  • Building Java applications with WebSockets
  • Securing Java EE applications
  • Using CDI beans, Batch API, and concurrency API

Salary Expectations

OCP Jave EE 7 specialists net an average salary of $73k per year according to Payscale.


The Java EE 7 Application Developer certification features one exam, 1Z0-900. Cutting-edge training, practical programming experience, and previous Java SE certification are essential for this exam. Study up. You’ve got this!

3. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Certified Architect Associate Certification

The Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Certified Architect Associate Certification is for anyone who wishes to validate their grasp of OCI services, design principles, and best practices. The certifications offered through this path are of associate and specialist levels.


Certification holders should have in-depth knowledge of architecting infrastructure and possess skills to deal with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure services. You should have a solid grasp on topics and tasks such as:

  • Instantiating a load balancer
  • Advanced networking
  • Appyling IAM, governance, and security best practices
  • Selecting and troubleshooting compute choices
  • Describing OCI Database options and operations
  • Launching bare metal and virtual compute instances
  • Use advanced database features, such as Dataguard, BYOL, Data encryption, RAC, and EXADATA
  • OCI Storage solutions
  • OCI networking best practices

Salary Expectations

The average annual salary for a Cloud Architect with this Oracle credential is $122,908 according to Payscale.

This suggests how valuable Cloud Architects are to companies. The cloud is the current hot spot for the highest market share. Amazon and Microsoft’s AWS and Azure seem to be setting the pace, but Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is a serious contender.


To gain this badge, you need to pass one exam—the 1Z0-1072 exam. Candidates can vastly improve their chances of passing the exam by combining Oracle training and practical experience through labs or the field.

Oracle Exams Overview

Getting any of the best Oracle certifications requires taking one exam or more, depending on the certification level you are applying for. In general, Oracle exams combine scored and unscored multiple-choice questions. To register for any Oracle exam, you’ll need to check whether the location you are in has an Oracle Testing Center, or you may take the Person VUE-proctored exam. Be aware that exams have fees as well, so it’s important to make sure you’re ready before signing up.

Exam Dumps Can Help You Prepare for Oracle Certifications

An exam dump is a collection of actual exam questions and answers pooled from recent exam-takers. These dumps can be valuable for any exam preparation, including for Oracle certification exams. Exam dumps are helpful, because they:

  • Contain the most updated questions with answers
  • Help you find your weak areas
  • Give you the insight of the test
  • Show your readiness for the test

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  4. Training course

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Obtaining the best Oracle certifications can help you to boost your salary or start a new career path. From this article, you’ve found out the top Oracle certifications to get in 2020–but passing Oracle exams can be difficult. Many recent badge-earners say that exam dumps have helped them gain the essential knowledge and skills easily.

To prepare for your upcoming certification exam, check out Pass the needed exams smoothly and get new opportunities as a professional with up-to-date skills and verified competencies in 2020 and beyond!


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