6 Gadgets Every Reading Lover Needs

We all know a bookworm, don’t we? That one friend, family member, or colleague whose introductions consist of reading listed as a hobby. That person who fits the titles of a bookworm, savant, or a bibliophile. The one person for whom “movies are better than books” is a touchy topic. No matter how attached we become to technology and social media, there is something about reading that we simply cannot achieve by doing something else. Settling down at your favourite spot to read a good book along with your favourite snacks has a different thrill in itself. There is a different calm in painting a mental picture of what you just read or are reading and getting lost in it. 

With technology seeing rapid advancement, many reading gadgets and accessories have been made to make reading more convenient and fun. If you are a book lover, here are a few gadgets for book lovers you might want to splurge on. Book gadgets can be really thoughtful gifts for the avid reader(s). 

  1. An e-Reader 

An e-reader or an e-book reader is a device designed for e-books. These gadgets are a very good investment in the long run. You do not have to worry about small font sizes with an e-reader as you can adjust the font size according to your choice. This is also an alternative for you to go-green and paperless and to do a little something for the environment. An e-reader is light-weight so it is easier to carry around than a bulky book and can easily fit in your bag. Kindle Paperwhite, Kobo Forma, NOOK Glowlight Plus are some examples of the best e-readers available. Most of these e-readers have a database of their own that allows readers to select to read from. 

  1. LCD Writing Tablet (e-Tablet)

Readers often like to take notes while devouring a book. Why not switch to an LCD writing tablet in place of traditional notebooks. You no longer have to worry about it being tattered and old, or losing pages, and tearing it, or any mishaps that can happen with a notebook. Again, this is a great investment in the long run and is more environmentally friendly. Students could write whole essays on a writing tablet. Imagine writing samples of play scripts like The Crucible on one, wouldn’t it be cool? If you aren’t familiar with the play, see The Crucible essay examples here: https://eduzaurus.com/free-essay-samples/the-crucible/.  A writing tablet gives you the same experience of writing on a pen and paper. This is one of the best cool gifts for readers who take notes or students to write essays to receive that prompts note-taking to be more fun.

  1. Portable Rechargeable Reading Light 

A quality reading light is one of the must-have book gadgets for a reading lover. It is rather unhealthy for your eyes and frustrating to read in bad lighting. If you’re a reader, get yourself a portable rechargeable reading light, preferably a clip-on that you can clip on to your book and adjust the angle according to your need.  

  1. Tablet stand 

Among many reading gadgets, a tablet stand comes in real handy. Tablet stand allows you to read in a carefree manner without having a sore arm from holding a tablet for too long. You can adjust it to your desired height and forget about it. An avid reader will surely appreciate a tool that allows them to go hands-free.

  1. Desk Lamp 

All the experts will tell you how important a good quality desk lamp is for a reader. Even all these technological advancements don’t fulfil the contentment you get while reading an actual book: turning pages, using a bookmark, and smelling the scent of a new book (we know you have done it!). A vintage-looking desk lamp with natural light not only helps you read better but also enhances your room’s and desk’s charm.

  1. Noise-cancelling Headphones 

Reading while travelling or at a corner in a coffee shop is absolutely the best, isn’t it? This pro comes with a con- noise. While it is easy for some to tune the world out and get lost in the world they are reading, it isn’t so for the rest. Noise-cancelling headphones can be a lifesaver to free yourself from the chaos when you are trying to get some reading done in a public space. This might not exactly fall under the category of book gadgets but it certainly helps. 

In conclusion, if you love reading or know someone who loves books more than anything else, the above-mentioned gadgets is sure to make yours and their life easier and reading more fun! 


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