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Clever brunet and dumb blond: best and worst mannish stereotypes

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Gender stereotypes are generalizations about gender roles. Gender roles are generally neither positive nor negative; they are simply inaccurate generalizations of the male and female attributes. Some of the stereotypes a have historical basis, others are particular for different nations, but most of them are common everywhere. Truly, they simplify the understanding of each other, but as well can create a spoiled image of a gender; they don’t give a chance to percept a person as it is but create an illustration of a typical representative of a gender. Still, many make assumptions based on those stereotypes. At Ru Brides Agency We will recollect some of the best and worst stereotypes about women.

1. Women only want to marry and have children. False. This genetically based stereotype has an ancient history. The main difference between men and women is the reason for this one – the ability to bare. And it somehow defines woman’s purpose. But it is by far not the only thing a woman wants. She often has huge career expectations and unique aims.

2. Women supposed to have “clean jobs” such as secretaries, teachers, and librarians. True. With the flourishing state of feminism in the 20th century, women were trying hard to prove that they can elect, be politicians and… work as hard as man. Being a politician and choose the government means to be equal, but becoming a miner or a sailor means to commit a suicide for women because their bodies are not adapted to hard-working. So don’t let the girls fool themselves, it won’t bring any good.

3. Women supposed to be submissive and do as they are told. False. Healthy society consists of people with equal rights; it doesn’t only treat stratification system (which is thought to be in past), but the equality of gender rights. And it is not about being absolutely freestanding and autonomous as it is sometimes treated, but about to have a freedom of activity and speech for both genders.

4. Women love to sing and dance. True. Modern pop-culture gives us a strange image of a woman – sexiness as her main attribute, objectified, dumb and obsessed of herself and her romances. Everyone (hope so) understands that women are much better. Although, they appear to be more emotional and creative than men, that’s why they do love to dance and sing – as one of the ways of self-expression.

5. Women don’t play sport. False. Men love sports (this is another gender stereotype, which is much of a truth), sometimes obsessively love sports. Women are believed to be not in charge in terms of sports, but that’s a great mistake. A great number of world records in a sphere of sports are held by women, and it is not surprising at all. Also, try to visit yoga or Pilates class – you’ll be shocked with what they actually can do with their bodies! It’s hard to imagine.

6. Women are responsible for raising children. True. Again, the stereotype is found in a sphere of biology: child’s connection with the mother is always stronger, the kid is almost absolutely dependent of a nursing mother for a year or more etc. It is all about genome – a woman is created to be a mother (but, as we said previously, it is not her only purpose). But! Don’t ever forget to take part in bringing up your children and you will be really grateful for this decision, also you will help your partner a lot. Some men suggest parenthood to be the best thing ever. At least, it is worth trying.

7. Women ought to look perfect and be looked at. False. There are many horrifying stories about girls who try to look perfect by any means or even die trying; sometimes such attitude to oneself can look tragically hilarious. But the point is that a woman is a same creature as a man, she can feel ill and look accordingly. There’s nothing good in objectifying beauty and sexiness – some girls can start to demand men to be as sexy as they are, but not all the men are ready to work so hard on themselves.

A stereotype itself is just another product of our brain, just a path of understanding and perception of the world. But when they are used to offend someone – it only proves that you are miserable and stupid. Don’t be that! Think twice if you use any of them as a reason or an argument!


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