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ParagraphAI partners with Visto to make immigration document completion easy

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It鈥檚 no doubt that AI s taking the world by storm, and one Toronto company is looking to leverage its power to help new immigrants coming into Canada onboard into English as their second language.

ParagraphAI, the world鈥檚 fastest-growing AI writing tool, announced a new partnership with Visto, a SaaS platform designed to make the immigration process more efficient, that will empower non-native English-speaking immigrants to complete documents with greater ease and confidence.

鈥淥ur mission has always been to make the English language more approachable,鈥 said Shail Silver, CEO at ParagraphAI. 鈥淭his new partnership supports immigrants in learning how to naturally write in their second language鈥.


By leveraging Visto鈥檚 immigration file automation and ParagraphAI鈥檚 instant writing generator, non-native English speakers can now confidently submit an application that showcases their unique talents and abilities, ultimately improving their chances of success.

The best part is that the tool is free to download for iOS, iPad, and Chrome and integrates naturally into your day-to-day.

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