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Meet Lena – One of the Most Colorful Instagram Fashion Influencers Out There

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Perhaps you’ve already come across her incredibly vibrant and alluring photos on Instagram. If not, there are thousands to see on her Instagram page @Panthereinstyle. Lena loves bold colors, a lot. She has been sharing her most extraordinary outfits for a few years now, and boasts over four million followers. That’s an exceptional feat she can call her own. Given how unique her style is, it’s no wonder she has managed to gain such a large following.

When you’re looking through Lena’s photos, you may begin to notice a theme beyond wearing a bold color palette. She never shows her face. This makes her that much more mysterious and mystifying. She has truly mastered the art of being faceless while having a massive following. That is something that is not that easy in this day and age!

Lena prefers to stay relatively private while still sharing inspiring content with the world. That’s why she doesn’t share her last name online, and only recently opened up about her struggle with a chronic illness she has had for the past 20 years.

Still, Lena has been getting more open, honest, and raw about her own daily battles with it. Some days are better than others, but each day is made infinitely better thanks to dressing up in stylish and gorgeous colors. In fact, her colorful choices are a form of color therapy for her. She has become an advocate for using colors to enhance physical and mental health, and she is hardly the first to do so. Psychologists have long known about the influence that colors have on human health and well-being.

Lena is nearing 40 and feels like she is only getting started on her journey through vibrant fashion. As a Sagittarius, she is a big traveler, as well as an enthusiastic optimist who embraces change. She is also very big on health, which translates into her striving to only eat organic, fresh, local, and healthy food. This is probably why she has achieved such remarkable success, all while suffering from a chronic illness.

When it comes to re-wearing her outfits, Lena is not afraid to do so. In fact, many of her pieces are ones she initially got 10-15 years ago. She has figured out how to get pieces that she adores by going through a simple mental exercise before buying them. She asks herself whether she thinks she will still like something ten years down the road. If the answer is a resounding yes, then she believes it is worth buying, even if it comes with a hefty price tag.

More recently, Lena has started up her own website called Lena’s World, where she shares her musings, tips, and more when it comes to fashion, beauty, wellness, and travel. Lena is one of the most colorful Instagram fashion influencers you will ever see, so prepare to be amazed when you take a trip through her Instagram page.


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