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How to Keep That Youthful Swag as an Older Man

The older you get, the more your body tries to tell your age. Your vision starts to go, you’re not as physically fit, your hair turns grey, wrinkles creep up on your face, and before you know it, you’re that feeble old man that women wouldn’t dare look twice at. The truth is, although men don’t talk about it as much as women do, guys really hate the idea of aging. They too long for the days when they were in their 20s and 30s and would jump through hoops to try and get back to that. Though aging is a fact of life, fortunately, fellas, there are some things you can do to maintain that youthful swag at any age.

Take Care of Your Skin

The first thing someone will notice about you is your skin (particularly your face). A face that’s uneven in complexion and tone, riddled with wrinkles and crow’s feet is a dead giveaway to your age and does nothing for your swag. If you want to look younger for longer, you’ll need to take better care of your skin. This includes getting quality skincare products, drinking lots of water, moisturizing, and protecting your skin from the sun by wearing SPF protection and gear like hats or sunglasses.

Upgrade Those Prescription Glasses

Your once 20/20 vision has declined over the years and the eye doctor has recommended that you wear prescription glasses. Instead of going for a basic frame, try looking for glasses that trendy and help to bring out your best facial features. A pair of Bolle Sunglasses or similar brands is great for being outdoors. They protect your eyes from the sun but give you that youthful swag the ladies will love.

Put Down the Cigs

When you were growing up, the idea of smoking a cigarette might have made you appear cool to your peers. Yet, the truth is, cigarettes can take years off your life. Smoking regularly can result in wrinkles, fine lines, under eye bags, stained teeth, and terrible skin. It’s time to put down the cigarettes for good. Perhaps consider something like vaping as a change of pace.


You may have thought exercising was best for getting that toned body, but there are other reasons you need to work out regularly. It helps to combat the signs of aging. Regular physical activity helps to strengthen the heart, mind, and muscles. However, it also helps the body to naturally release toxins which can result in clearer skin, improved energy, and a better, younger looking you.

Dye Your Hair

Grey hair is a natural occurrence that you can’t change. In fact, having grey hair isn’t always attributed to you being old. If you think the silvers on the top of your head are making you look years older than what you are, you can do something about it – dye them. There are plenty of quality hair dyes for men that you can do yourself at home. It’s best, however, to stick with your natural color as trying to step too far out of the box can make you look a bit – silly.

Dress Right

Here’s a big one for guys trying to look younger. How you dress says a lot about your age, but trying to dress too young can actually make you look older than you really are. Instead of trying to keep up with the young guys and their fashion trends, find a style that fits your personality and age. Stick with classic staples and simply find ways to reinvent your style to stand out.

If the signs of aging like gray hair, wrinkly skin, or a loss of muscle mass and swag are starting to weigh heavily on you, don’t fret. Though you can’t move back the hands of time, you can age with grace and keep that youthful swag for longer. Start by working on the inside by eating right, exercising, and kicking bad habits like smoking. Then work on your exterior buying the right pair of prescription glasses and sunglasses, dying your hair, and shopping for clothes that are trendy but age-appropriate. Do these things and you’ll look and feel like a new, but a younger version of yourself.



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