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Medical Marijuana vs. Recreational: What’s The Difference?


Medical Marijuana vs. Recreational: What’s The Difference?

We’ve all heard of Marijuana. We’ve also heard one type used for medial and the other for more “recreational” uses

Marijuana has without a doubt become more mainstream than any other drug today. It is widely known as the most popular drug and is constantly referred to by comedians, celebrities, actors, and actresses young and old, but what do we truly know about this drug and what its true effects are? And why there has been a sudden need to have the drug legalized across the world?

Marijuana was always a medical drug first.

Truthfully Marijuana was used by early Chinese and Indian for medical purposes. This in fact a true fact.

Many types of Marijuana can in fact get you “high”

The substance affects parts of the brain that can create a feeling of pleasure, and also can give you the “munchies” and of course can induce sleep. A common affect is enhancing normal senses such as your ability to smell and taste.

There are types of Marijuana that “CANNOT” get you “high”

Not all Marijuana can actually produce the results of THC. Which is the active chemical in Marijuana that causes the high so many people desire from use of Marijuana. The fact is, that not all different cannabis variaties contain the same amount of THC and actually contain more of another compound called cannabidiol (CBD). Which has been known to have great success in treating schizophrenia and forms of epilepsy.

Whether Medical or Recreational be Safe

Many who use the drug recreational are unaware of the underlying medical reasons they may have for having a “need” for Marijuana. It is important to educate yourself before getting into use of the drug whether medical or recreational. Look to learn more about different types and where the drug might be legal or illegal.

It is important to educate yourself on things that are mainstream. Swagger is about knowing. Marijuana is used in many cases without a doctor’s consent and in many cases without knowing much about the drug. Find out where the drug is legal, learn its affects. See how it can improve your life if you have a medical condition that would benefit from its use. Learn about some of the products that are designed specifically for medical use and are not smoked.

Though under much scrutiny, Marijauna should be discussed openly as it may take some time for the drug to be legalized wordwide.





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