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Exclusive Interview with Asset Protection Portfolio Specialist Mansuur Bey

With an accelerated rate of financial illiteracy, the need for specialized money management programs are becoming a necessity for one’s financial success and survival. A properly structured Asset Protection Portfolio can allow one to eventually become their own bank, giving them complete ownership over their finances and assets.

This is what separates Mansuur from other financial professionals and makes him very special because he has figured out how to use insurance as an Asset Protection Tool in protecting individuals, families, and business owners from the main areas of risks, growing their savings with compound interest, along with positioning them to leave their heirs a substantial cash benefit and protected assets.

Insurance was first designed to prevent and replace financial loss in the event of health emergencies, property damage, and death of the main breadwinner – a key employee or business partner; and with the addition of the ‘Living Benefit’ some 150 years ago, insurance has become the main financial strategy for banking entities and the financially astute.  According to bank balance sheets, the bank entities invest more into life insurance policies than stocks and real estate.  And Mansuur says, “When it comes to money, you should think like a bank and act like a bank!”  These financially savvy institutions and individuals use insurance because there is no other financial product on the market that can even come close to offering the benefits of what a properly structured life insurance policy can, here are some key benefits:

It’s 100% insured with three layers of protection from high-grade bonds, reinsurance, and state insurance funds.  It grows tax-deferred to give you control on paying taxes on your gains.  You have liquidity-use and access to it—without it being locked up for a long-period of time.  It’s judgement and creditor proof if somebody tries to sue you—or collections agencies try to come after you.  It will continue to make your monthly savings and investment amounts if you’re disabled and not able to work.


You can leave a tax-free legacy to your loved ones by realistically transferring an inheritance of a couple hundred thousand—or even a million or more—to the people you care about.  You will have the ability to bank off of your own money, which simply means you will have the ability to collateralize your assets—and let that money grow—while giving you the option of borrowing against your equity, and financing what you need to purchase in-house—instead of going through a banking or financial entity, where they may give you a credit check to access funds—and where they certainly won’t share any of the profits.  You can turn your entire financial situation around for the better.  This can prevent you and your loved ones from being in the same place for the next ten, twenty, forty years, or more.

And who better than our military heroes to consider this a necessary and honorable trade. For Mansuur, a Veteran, insurance has become another way for him in protecting Americans and foreigners.  “It wasn’t until I learned about an Asset Protection Portfolio through Mansuur Bey and how I can build and grow my money through certain policies… He was able to create a plan – affordable, within my means – where I was placed in a supplemental income program to amass more of those desired policies,” stated Jasmine Smith regarding the impact that Mansuur’s financial strategies have had on her financial future. Soon after Mansuur Bey’s time serving with distinction in the U.S. Army, he set his sights on another area of life-saving service by uplifting and improving the lives of individuals and families.

With American families feeling the negative impacts of stagnated wages and higher prices, improving cashflow and income-generation is a growing concern in most households. “My business dilemma – or dilemma in general – was the fact that I had hit a brick wall regarding my finances with the need to generate more income for me and my two children. Knowing that my children solely depend on me and I’m responsible for our future, I needed a change” remarked Jasmine. About Mansuur’s expertise, Jasmine went on to say, “In my situation, he was able to come up with a plan based on my needs which also resulted in a placement of a Supplemental Income Program to generate the income I need.

So far, especially with the Advocacy Plan he suggested, I have saved time and money which can reduce medical bill costs up to 80%. This plan had made sense to me because it covers the benefits I lacked from my employer. I also like one of its features that allows me to speak with a licensed physician over the phone and get a diagnosis. Very convenient, which has definitely saved me time and money that comes with an affordable cost.”

This is our exclusive interview with Asset Protection Portfolio Specialist Mansuur Bey:

What’s your critical driving force for becoming an entrepreneur? 

I didn’t like the landscape of 9-to-5’s.  What I saw was employees doing just enough work not to get fired, and the employers paying employees just enough not to quit. And at the end of that rainbow was 40 years of 40 hours a week to end up with a $40 gold watch. I didn’t want that for myself and family.

Did your military service have an impact on establishing your business? If so in what way? 

Yes, the military had a significant impact on my life!  “Be All You Can Be” is an excellent Army slogan. It taught me discipline, structure, self-motivation and that you get out of life, what you put into it.  That’s where I discovered that I worked better when given autonomy. I didn’t need to be micro-managed like many of my battle buddies, and when you’re running a business, you need those essential qualities to excel and be successful.


How did you choose the industry and primary focus of your business? Did you always have a passion for developing Asset Protection Portfolios? 

I can’t say that I chose the industry that I’m in, but rather that the industry chose me.  I always had a passion and a burning desire to find out the truth about health, finance, and common law.  Upon my thirst for history and how things came to be today or originated, I discovered a connection with all these areas as it related to insurance.  Insurance has been used ever since the days of Babylon.

Shippers needed a way to protect themselves, financially speaking, in case of loss, damage and theft of cargo, valuables, etcetera, since shipping was the primary source of transportation for people and goods.  And centuries before banking evolved, insurance was the way people would protect and manage their savings and assets, even investing into several policies to build up their net worth, and when their journey on earth was no more, the insurance holder could pass on their legacy to their heirs with a death benefit.  Once banking was established, insurance was able to add the cash-value component as a living benefit that would compound interest your savings, allowing financially astute individuals to finance in-house instead of borrowing money through money lenders who make a fortune charging interest.

What is an Asset Protection Portfolio? Why do people need it?

It’s not something you can purchase. It’s, basically, just a collection of necessary certificates or documents assuring the value and ownership of assets.  What’s typically included in an Asset Protection Portfolio? Things like a will, a trust, stocks, bonds, annuities, owned-property, precious metals and jewels, art, collectibles, intellectual property, and other things carrying a high-value. However, in this case, I mainly use life insurance and other types of policies as the foundation of the portfolio–because it’s the most versatile asset that never stops adding value.  It keeps you in control over your wealth and it allows you to transfer your assets over to heirs easily.

What tips would you give to veterans that can help them start their own businesses? 

It’s been recently reported that veterans are more likely to become entrepreneurs than people with no active-duty military experience.  Military veterans are organized, goal oriented, skilled and ready to take smart risks at the right times. Veterans not only have superior training, but they also have the confidence to generate fresh ideas and make connections to build valuable networks. More importantly, veterans have the resourcefulness to make do with minimal assets and the persistence to stick with it until they succeed.

If you’re a veteran thinking about taking the plunge into small business ownership, there are plenty of advantages available to you. Here are some tips I would give in getting started… go with what you know, know your strengths and weaknesses, seek advice from experts, find a need and provide a solution, and make the most of financing for veterans but look to building an Asset Protection Portfolio that will eventually allow you the flexibility to self-insure things like equipment, vehicles, etcetera, as well as self-finance in-house to avoid interest, compound your profits, access tax-free income and more.


You can learn more about Mansuur Bey and his lifesaving solutions here.  Facebook, LinkedIn, or call Mansuur at (305) 964-8858.




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