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How To Know That Your Car Is Healthy And Safe?

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A car is probably one of the first major purchases in the life of any of us. The reasons for that are different: someone has long dreamed of it, for others, it is an obligatory part of the work.

But how to understand that the car that you choose for yourself or for your family has everything you need for your safety and health? Progress does not stand still, so let’s take a look at how modern developments can improve the safety of drivers and passengers and what to look for in modern cars.

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Driver fatigue recognition system

A safe car is the one where the driver carefully looks at the road and monitors the situation on it. For beginners, and for experienced drivers, too, it is difficult to assess the degree of their fatigue. They often believe that if they have not fallen asleep while driving, then they are not tired. But it’s better to stop in advance and take a break.

Some car companies are already installing electronic assistants in their cars. They track information about driving behavior, beep and display a message on the display to stop.

Automatic braking function in case of an accident

In the event of an accident, not all drivers have time to react quickly: as a result, the car by inertia can cause additional damage to itself and to other cars on the road. Modern systems can influence this. After receiving a signal and the initial collision of the car with an obstacle, it begins to brake in order to reduce the speed and avoid other collisions.

Understanding what is power steering and how it enhances the driver’s control during such critical moments can be crucial. This system not only provides better maneuverability but also contributes significantly to vehicle safety by improving handling during unexpected situations.

Cornering light system

At night, and especially at dusk, it is uncomfortable for a novice driver to drive a car: obstacles on the side of the road are difficult to distinguish, and pedestrians suddenly appear from around the corner. Unfortunately, not everyone follows the recommendations to wear reflective elements on clothes in the dark, and in winter and autumn everyone prefers to dress in dark or gray clothes.

There are two ways out of the situation:

  • fog lights with the function of additional cornering lighting;
  • an electronic system that, tracking the position of the steering wheel and direction indicator, controls the direction of light of the right and left fog lights.

Cruise control

Driving on long trips is not easy – cruise control comes to the rescue. Having chosen the required speed, you can take your foot off the gas pedal, the car itself will maintain the set mode. This function is most in demand when traveling intercity on the highway. By pressing the gas or the brake, you can turn it off and switch to normal car control.


Using the phone while driving is not only unsafe, but also illegal, and is subject to a fine. Modern life forces us to always be in touch, it is difficult to imagine us without a smartphone, the only way out is to speak without using our hands. Many cars have a Hands-Free function. By connecting the phone to the car audio system via Bluetooth, the driver can answer calls and communicate without being distracted from the road and without violating traffic rules. If this function is not available, you can add it to your vehicle.


Trying to create the safest cars, designers endow them with technologies that improve the car’s behavior on the road in difficult situations:

  • ABS – anti-lock braking system improves vehicle handling on slippery surfaces (ice, snow, wet asphalt, etc.).
  •  ESP is a system of dynamic stabilization of the car, i.e. its task is to maintain the trajectory of the vehicle at high speed or in conditions of poor adhesion to the road.
  • AFU – emergency braking assistance. Sensors are installed on each wheel, so when passing difficult areas, the braking force is distributed between the front and rear wheels, as well as between the right and left sides of the car. As a result, the braking distance is shortened, the car behaves more steadily in turns.

Rain and light sensors

This is a useful technology loved by new drivers. Based on the incoming information, the system makes a decision to turn on the headlights or windshield wipers. Is it rainy or snowy suddenly? This is a signal for the windshield wipers that start to work by cleaning it. The system itself determines whether they should work faster or slower, depending on the intensity of the precipitation.

It also turns on in cases when an oncoming car has stained the windshield with water from a puddle. Beginners should not worry, the system will react faster than them, the windshield will be clean and nothing will threaten their safety.


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