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You simply cannot drive a fancy car without maintaining your interior

Sailun Tires

Driving a fancy car? Good for you! Do you also take care of the interior as you do for the exterior?
Surprisingly, a lot of car owners do not. This is interesting, as most of the time you spend inside of
the car behind the wheel. Especially with older cars, the leather seats and details become worn.
How do you make sure that your car stays on point? Luckily there are easy products out there that
help you protect the leather.

HG’s leather cleaner to the rescue
Ready to give your car’s interior the treatment it craves for? HG leather cleaner is based on water
and suitable for all types of leather. The substance goes deep into the pores of the seats and is
safe to use product. Besides cars, the product can be applied to other types of leather such as
furniture, luggage and bags.
Get a towel and put the cleaner for leather onto the it. Then, with a twisting movement, apply it to
the car seat and other leather elements of the interior. After the substance went into the pores
(approximately 30 minutes), you can use the “four in one for leather” product to treat it. You will see
that your leather gained a new life with this treatment.

Drive in style again
With this HG product, you can welcome passengers into your car with confidence again. The
treatment can easily be repeated and requires minimum effort to conduct.

Other cleaning options
When going into the car wash, you have the option to vacuum clean your car. Always do so, as this
gives you a forced moment to clean the car. If not, there is a big chance you will neglect or forget it.
Taking this moment to clean your car enables you to maintain it and give it the attention it
deserves. You did not choose to buy a fancy car to neglect it afterwards, right?

Creating a nice scent in the car
There are a lot of products out there that make it possible to create a nice odour inside the car. For
example, there are even fragrances that mimic the scent of a brand new car! If you want to keep it
simple, there are also products that remove odours. This can be handy when you have a strong
scent from e.g. pets in your car. HG is a provider that creates these products, offering results within
30 minutes after applying it.
Want something more exotic?
Do you want to go for a more exotic smell? Check out the possibilities of car parfum. There is a big
market offering these perfumes and you will be amazed by the assortment that is available.


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