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The Beginner’s Guide To Set Up a Home Gym

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In today’s world, a gym membership can cost you much more than its real value. With the rising online workout sessions from your favorite trainers and studios, it’s cheaper and easier than building strength and endurance from your home.

So in case you are planning to cancel your monthly fitness plan and looking ahead to committing to a 100% home fitness routine, you need to set up the home gym that can help you meet your set goals.

Let’s have a look at the guide for creating a home gym in your space:

Finding right space:

The space you have at the gym should be enough to place your yoga mat and perform core and stretching exercises. The HIIT workout may need more space and a solid surface to perform jumping, while pilates or yoga workouts need smaller spaces.

If you live in an apartment and do not have enough rooms, you can use an unused corner of your bedroom or living room for your sweat sessions. The outdoor space like the patio or back porch can also workout out according to the living situation and local climate. If you have an empty office, spare bedroom, or a vacant garage, you can use it to create your gym at your home.

Stock up your gym:

Choosing the right equipment for your gym is an important task. The equipment choices will help you with your fitness goals, if in case you require various pieces of equipment, you can’t buy all of them at once, always start with the important one.

Few tips for buying your gym equipment:

  • Always look for versatile pieces of gym equipment that can be used regularly for multiple exercises.
  • You can also buy out durable equipment possessing long warranties that can stand for the long term.
  • Also, if there is no budget or space constraint, you can consider the feel and look of your equipment matching up with the colour scheme to place the order for the requisite equipment.

Basic gym equipment consists of a barbell and bench for strength training, the medicine ball and a yoga mat for the functional fitness of skipping rope for improving cardio fitness. The workout routine will evolve with your gym. You may find adding more machines or weights to meet your new fitness goals. Start with a few pieces and gradually build it over.

Whether you are performing cardio or strength exercise, recovery is very important. This is the reason why the home gym does need to have recovery equipment. The Foam rollers are all time favorite as recovery equipment. They can be used for reducing muscle soreness and fatigue and also speeding up the process of recovery and increasing muscular performance. The cold and hot foot roller relieves the pain from plantar fasciitis and heel spurs. The texture and shape of cold and hot foot rollers allow deep penetration to relax muscles. Another consideration can be a hand-held massage gun, as it allows you to massage your muscle well for muscle fatigue and relieve pain. For buying gym equipment online do look for great marketplaces for placing your order. 

Storage Options:

If you want to keep a lot of equipment in a small place, know that storage is always the key. So for the minimalist kind of workout sessions, pick up the storage container and slide them under the couch or bed for holding your resistance bands, jump rope, sliders, yoga mat and various other portable pieces. You can also turn any empty wall into a storage solution consisting of a hanging organizer keeping the bands tangle-free.

Design your gym:

If you have entered any gym that is crowded with weights and equipment and do not have any space for watching yourself, then you will know how important it is to check your form while exercising. Keep a check on lighting and placing of mirrors so that you can keep a close eye on your form and perform your exercise without any intervention. Other important things to be taken care of is rubber flooring, air conditioning, music system, etc., to be used in your gym.

A home gym is a type of investment for your long-term health. Setting your gym at your place will help you to pay attention to the fitness goals. Always remember that the home gym will only pay you back if you put in your efforts regularly. Set up your gym and get rewarded with a fit body and good health.


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