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Where should you go on your Yacht Charter: Italy or the Balearics Islands?

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When considering a yachting holiday in the glamorous West Med, there are two destinations that will likely jump out at you; the beautiful Amalfi coast and the vibrant Balearic Islands. Both are famed for their incredible beaches and mouth-wateringly delicious cuisines. But between these two dreamy choices for a luxury yacht charter – Italy or Spain – what’s right for you this summer? Find out with this ultimate comparison.


Where are the most beautiful beaches for a yacht charter – Italy or Spain?

Yacht Charter Amalfi Coast

The Amalfi Coast is not consistently blessed with the traditional golden sand beaches that you may well dream of when picturing your perfect vacation. However, what the pebbled coastline lacks in sand it more than makes up for in charm and beauty; that’s why the Amalfi Coast remains one of the most popular destinations for Italian yacht charters and beach holidays.

There are hundreds of alluring bays and coves to explore, but it’s the hidden gems that really make this gorgeous seaside resort shine. Try Ravello beach for a piece of small but perfectly formed Mediterranean magic, or Fiordo di Furore – a rugged beach located in a gorge underneath the Lattari mountains – for jaw-dropping natural beauty. The Amalfi Coast’s beaches have to be seen to be believed.

Balearic Yacht Charter

You might think that the clubbing vibe of the Balearic islands would mean that every beach was a 24/7 party, but in fact they offer an impressive variety; from secluded, romantic coves to long sandy bays where you can dance until dawn.

Ses Salines is one of the trendiest party playgrounds, with cool cocktail bars and DJs dotted along the shore. The entire tiny island of Formentera, just south of Ibiza, is a haven of powdery white sands and and gin-clear waters, making it the perfect place to escape to once you tire of the clubs. Meanwhile, Soller Bay in Mallorca combines incredible mountain scenery with relaxed tranquility, and each of the other islands plays host to its own charming seaside haunts.



Both offer a wide variety of awe-inspiring beaches, perfect for a yacht charter. Italy will help you discover secluded, rugged bays just waiting to be explored, whereas Spanish travellers will be dazzled by the range of sands the Balearic islands offer.


Where’s best for delicious delicacies when travelling by yacht?


Yacht Charter Amalfi Coast

Italy is famous for its amazing carb-based cuisine, with pizza and pasta at the top of everyone’s lists when they visit. However, what the Amalfi Coast does best is combining these home comforts with glorious seafood. From Scialatielli ai Frutti di Mare, a sumptuous pasta dish made with a range of molluscs and local fish, to Naples’ favourite Spaghetti alle Vongele, where spaghetti and clams come together to create a taste explosion, you certainly won’t be wanting for options.

Then we have the cheeses. With amazing cheeses local to every region, it would be a shame not to try as many as possible on your Italian yacht charter. Produce like ricotta, fiordilatte and provola, produced in the beautiful Monte Lattari mountains, are infused with the scent of fresh herbs, making them particularly mouthwatering.


Balearic Yacht Charter

Dining in the Balearic Islands is a highly delectable experience, with traditional Basque stews featuring alongside some extraordinary tapas dishes and of course, plenty of fresh seafood. In Menorca, sample the island’s famous Caldereta de Langosta (lobster stew) and be prepared to be blown away. Hit up Palma de Mallorca for Michelin-star establishments – Zaranda is a particular favourite for fine cuisine in a truly beautiful setting. Meanwhile in Formentera, simple dishes cooked to perfection make up the island’s menus, with a heavy emphasis on local, seasonal produce. Expect sumptuous fish stews and hearty soups, with familiar flavour combinations that will take you smile.



Both have seriously amazing seafood. A yacht charter in Italy will mean rich, filling dishes that you will dream about for years to come, whilst your Balearic boating adventure will be a constant parade of new and exciting culinary masterpieces. The choice is yours…

Written by Colette Flowerdew-Kincaid


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