The Philosophy of Wardrobe Bingo

Most fashionistas say that we should not follow trends blindly to look stylish and we strongly agree to this. We can just buy classic stuffs that we like and that look good on us. Yes, it’s quite difficult if you are a true fashionista not to be attracted to beautiful clothes, especially when you get them at a bargain and they fit perfectly.

Most of the time you hardly ask yourself the question if you really require a new skirt or blouse, or what you’re going to wear with these gorgeous new heels. And before you start asking yourself these questions, you end up with a closet full of clothes that you’ve never really been wearing or that you almost forgot you had.

However, if you would like to make a fashion statement, without just blindly following trends, you would most probably love the game of Wardrobe bingo that can add a bit of excitement in your closet and allow you to wear all the fashionable discoveries that you have accumulated over the years. Now you may be asking yourself what is Wardrobe Bingo. Well, if you like taking risks to create your own fashion then Wardrobe Bingo is what may work for you. Wardrobe bingo is based on the principle of the popular game of Bingo, however it’s not quite like the regular game of bingo that you can find at, like 75 ball, 90 ball or 5 line bingo.

Developed by, Wardrobe Bingo is quite simple. You just require to go through your closet and select five items for each of the four different categories, which are shoes, accessories, tops, and bottoms. Then you require to number each item in each category from number 1 to 5, before randomly draw a number in each category to put together to have your final outfit. To randomly draw the numbers, you can go on, or you could just roll a dice. If a six is rolled, you may then directly pick your favourite item from that particular category instead. Once you have finished with the draw, you can pick the items according to the drawn numbers to create your very own outfit

Now you won’t have to spend on new clothes if you want to go for a fashion upgrade as Wardrobe bingo is the perfect solution. You can still look fabulous and trendy by working and styling with what you’ve got. And the ideal way that you could add your own touch of fashion is by going through your existing closet. You can bring new life into your closet with Wardrobe Bingo and it won’t even cost you a penny, plus it can be great fun just like in real bingo.



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