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Why Diamond Cut is Most Vital of the 4cs

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The quality of the diamond is an essential factor to consider when purchasing diamond ornaments. The quality of diamonds can be assessed by four factors or 4C. These are the diamond cut, clarity, color and diamond carat. It is important to understand these features s when purchasing a diamond.

When diamonds were sensationalized in the mid-20th century, there wasn’t a universal standard for assessing the quality of diamonds around the world. Currently, the 4Cs have become an important tool for understanding why you should forego one diamond for another.

This standard is very important since it is very difficult to judge the difference in quality between two stones with the naked eye. One question that often comes to mind is which is the most important factor in assessing the quality of the diamond? In this article, we’ll highlight why Cut is the most important and why.

The Relation between Cut & Light Reflection

All other factors (carat, clarity, color) are an option that one needs to accept since they cannot be altered. The only part that an artisan can influence or modify is the Cut aspect of the diamond. Craftsmen cut diamonds and try to make the most of the light and think from the best angle in order to give the diamond a stunning appearance.

Therefore, when a diamond is cut to the proper ratio, the light is refracted from one facet to the other and then diffuses from the top of the diamond. If the diamond is cut too deep, the light may escape from the other side of the diamond. If the size of the diamond is too shallow, the light may escape from the bottom of the stone before reflection. In addition, the veneers should be placed completely symmetrically for maximum shine.

The main point is to be visually appealing; the diamonds must meet all 4Cs requirements to achieve this. However, if there is no quality cutting technology, the rough stone won’t achieve maximum brightness and beauty regardless of its color and clarity. Therefore, pay special attention to the cut.

What to Look For?

So now that you fully understand why the cut is the first thing to consider, the most important C of the 4cs, what do you exactly look for in the cut?

In total, seven measurements are taken, but the two most important are the depth and the table. The table is the large polished section of the diamond that faces up and the depth is the total.

The general rule of thumb for depth and tables is that you should look for is the 60/60. The rule states that the cut should be 60% of the depth and 60% of the tables or slightly higher. The closer the cut is to the 60% mark the better.

In general, looking for “very good” quality in a GIA or AGS certificate is a good approach to take when accessing diamond quality. It can provide a variety of diamond recommendations with great brilliance.

If you want a good shine, a slight increase to “excellent” can help and get more shine, but the grade “very good” is alternatively also fine.

For more information on diamonds and diamond carat, you can visit the Pricescope Diamond forum.


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