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Shannon Dalonzo: The Ballerina Beauty

Sailun Tires

It’s no secret that the beautiful-people business can get a bit crazy with all the glamour, catfighting, and cutthroat competition. We’ve accepted that it’s all part of the fashion industry.  But every once in a while, we get to meet refreshingly pleasant and relaxed models who are happy to share their stories of hard work, passion and positivity. Here we sit down with Shannon Dalonzo to chat about her career, hobbies, and the importance of being nice.

One look at Shanon’s ‘Gram account and you’ll see cute selfies, sultry photos, and a glimpse of her amazing model lifestyle. Shannon does not consider herself famous. But with her work on various modelling campaigns and more than 107 thousand followers on Instagram, it’s easy to see that she’s fast-becoming an “it girl” to watch out for.


Check out our interview:

Name: Shannon Dalonzo

Measurements: 5’9 1/2 3.

Profession: Model/Actress

Social Media Profile Name IG: Shannon.Dalonzo

Number of followers on social media: 107k

Current Career Project: film/TV

Upcoming Career Project: film/tv

Next Media Appearance: upcoming LA Fashion Week)

Web Address:

Where are you right now?

Right now I am at a restaurant called 208 Rodeo in Beverly Hills. I was having lunch with my best friend after some shopping. It’s a really cute French bistro, which I love. It’s been a bit of a cloudy day here in LA, which I also love. There’s also lots of people speaking French around me currently, so it reminds me of home. I was hangry because shopping took longer than expected, but I just had a delicious meal so I’m happy now and ready to chat with you guys 🙂

Tell us a bit about yourself, dreams aspirations before you started on your journey to fame.

I was born and raised in Montreal, Canada. As a young girl you would most likely find me dancing around in my ballet shoes or horseback riding. That continued on till I discovered competitive cheerleading. I grew up doing a couple of typical Canadian things like skiing, going to hockey games and eating poutine. I am Italian/Dutch and no, I do not speak either of those languages but I do speak French. I left home at 17, and I often get the question; “how did you leave home so young, all on your own?” Well, I skipped a grade in high school, and have always been an independent person. A couple of things people would say about me is – I’m beyond my years, and sometimes a little too nice (I guess that’s the Canadian in me!). My modeling career started when I was scouted in a mall in Montreal and ended up going to Greece to model for the summer at 16. Needless to say, I fell in love being in front of the camera. When I returned, I decided I wanted to move to NYC as soon as possible, and I did. I graduated college, picked up and moved. I worked in NYC modeling, and carrying various other jobs to stay afloat because it wasn’t always consistent. New York City definitely builds character and thick skin. Flash forward 3 years, I moved to LA to see what the modeling market would be like for me out here. Modeling has given me some of my most memorable

experiences. I’m grateful to work with some of my dream brands, travel and I look forward to what is to come!

You’ve got over 100,000 followers. Do you remember when you had just 1 follower? How did you get from here to there? What were some of the daily secrets that helped you grow such a following?

Oh yes. I remember the exact day I created my IG because my sister convinced me to create one. I didn’t really know anything about it and honestly had no plan of making one when it first came out. She made it for me, posted my first photo (which was of a random bouquet of flowers) to show me how it worked and now we’re here! About a year after I moved to LA is when it started to pick up. I used to kind of just post whatever, and not necessarily the best quality photos. Once I changed that, the esthetic of my page became so much better and I think more attractive as a whole. Also, trying to show my personality a little more. People really enjoy the authenticity of it.

I probably post 4-5 times a week and try to reply to as many comments as possible, and DMs… the appropriate ones of course.

How do you manage your feed? Do you have people who help you keep it fresh and updated?

I manage my posts as the moment. I like having full control of what I post, what I respond to and being the one to engage. It was a while until I started seeing more and more followers, and I didn’t think I’d ever really even have the amount I do. I appreciate them all! Biggest lessons… having good quality photos, being consistent and engaging.

What do you charge now for a sponsor to get you to post something for them? What’s the best way to get in touch with you for something like that?

It depends on the product and how the client wants it posted. I will only ever post about something I truly like but the best way to contact me would be the email on my IG page. Sometimes things get lost in DM!

We get submissions for models daily wanting to be in a magazine or just find work. Do you have any tips they likely wouldn’t find anywhere else?

When I first started out modeling, I just shot and shot and shot. With anyone who wanted to shoot. It helped me practice, become more comfortable, learn my angels. I knew if I practiced, once my time came I’d be as comfortable as I could be on set. So, I guess my piece of advice would be just keep shooting and building that muscle. Also, you never know if any of the photographers you shoot with keep you in mind for something else, or they may know someone who’s doing something you’d be right for. Just get out there. And in addition to that, always be pleasant on set and on time.

Are you currently single? And looking?

I am single. I’ll say I’m open but I’m currently choosing to put a lot of focus on my career.

What are some things a guy can do to get someone of your calibre? Especially when there are so many men competing for your attention.

My favorite thing a guy can do is make me laugh. Some charm never hurts. Also, if you are super passionate about what you do, I love that! Someone who loves what they do exudes a happiness and great energy. Someone I can have a good balance of support,

encouragement and challenge with. Oh and don’t play too many games! A little mystery is good but don’t over do it, I’ll just lose interest.

What are some of your hobbies? When would be the ideal place when you are out for a guy to approach you?

I go horseback riding almost every week, but that wouldn’t be a good time to approach me. It’s my quiet place where I go to recharge. Definitely not at the gym either. I feel like I’m pretty approachable, but again, just make me smile and thats a great start!

What makes you feel sexy?

Any outfit with a great pair of heels. On a daily basis I dress for comfort so every now and then when I get glammed up, I feel sexy. I’ve felt my best on the runway or shooting for sure. I feel in my element. Also post workout!

What are some of your guilty pleasures?

Food wise definitely something salty like fries or popcorn, I’m not much of a sweet tooth. I’ll watch some reality tv to unwind, or reruns of Friends that I’ve seen a million times.

What was the most romantic gift you have ever gotten?

A boyfriend took a flight out a day before me to surprise me when I landed in Florida. I was under the impression he couldn’t make the family trip but he was there to greet me at the airport once I arrived.

What is something you’ve learned since becoming famous that you wish someone had told you?

Well, I wouldn’t consider myself famous but I’ll go with it.. don’t assume everyone is like you, try not to assume everyone has your values either and that they won’t do shady

things. I wouldn’t say I’m naive but I’ve had to learn the hard way.

Do you read the comments?

I try to read as many as possible and respond to them. They are for the most part nice and I appreciate them so much. I have read my fair share of not so nice ones, that’s always fun! (I can be a little sarcastic at times :P)

Where haven’t you been that you would like to go?

SO many places. Top of the list currently are: Thailand, Bali, Tahiti, Dubai & Amsterdam.

What’s the most insane thing you’ve done on a shoot?

I guess this isn’t that insane, but I was shooting for an active wear brand and spent basically the whole shoot jumping to get the perfect in air shot. The funny part is, we started with a trampoline but I guess its the competitive cheerleader in me, I was jumping too high so they ended up removing it. I was so tired by the time we wrapped.

First thing you see when you look at a guy?

Color of their eyes and hair.

How does it feel to be influential to other people?

It carries a bit of weight for sure. I only want to be a positive influence and I’m still finding my voice.

If Steven Spielberg were to film a biography film on your life, who would you want to play you in the movie?

Leighton Meester

Where can fans/followers expect to see you next?

In a couple tv/film appearances!





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