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Anna Alimani A Model You Should Take More Seriously

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Say it with us, Anna Alimani. Her name should be burned into your brain like a catchy tune you’ve heard on the radio. There are few endorsements for the modelling industry types of people in the world, but we can say with honestly and conviction that Anna may be the one you may need to keep your eye on. Her motto, “crazy not lazy” has been her motivation to push the limits of her career and drive past the “Nay Sayers” and haters she’s come in proximity with. She presses forward and has the smarts behind the beauty to do it.

Her beauty is dangerous but her intelligence is “lethal”

From Luxury cars, to technology, to healthcare to real estate. She has her tentacles in everything and holds true ability to compartmentalize and focus to move the needle in anything she comes in contact with. Utilizing this ability she has amassed a large following on Instagram and built a strong following.

Success at the helm Grit at the core

 Anna’s growth not only in her career but in her values and beliefs have made her journey thus far a successful one with plenty of road and a full tank of gas. Her motivation and drive to be better and do better in everything she puts her mind to is her strength and true grit. She lives by those words. Her mind being the powerful tool she use to not only set herself up for success but to encourage others around her to do better as well.

Not dreaming of success, working for it.

Anna is only just ignited the engines for the trip to the stars, but has all the ingredients and the recipe to her rise to fame. She is devoted to eventually starting her own brokerage. A young heart with a lot of time to make things happen in an industry that is needing change. Anna is the answer and we see her crossing the finish line before anyone else in her space.


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