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Australian Drinks That Are Perfect for Your Night Out

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Almost all of us love travelling, trying out new cuisines, and seeing new faces. One of those countries that take you on a trip to curb most of your travel desires is Australia. For all wildlife lovers, gallivants, and travel enthusiasts, this continent holds a special place.

Even though it’s renowned that Australians love their bottled wine, there are several drinks that you should get your hands on. So without further ado, here are some popular Australian drinks you should try.


Admiration for “the hunter’s honor shield” knows no bounds. If you’re visiting Australia, make sure you gratify your taste buds with the unchanged and secret recipe of this sweet alcoholic drink. It’s a summer drink, containing a large collection of spices and herbs that help with digestion.

Even though the most popular chaser is Red Bull, other mixtures like club soda, apple juice, raspberry syrup, and coffee can also complement the Jagermeister.

Sip it slowly and enjoy the flavor to the fullest!

Bundaberg Ginger Beer

It’s the perfect drink for people that are preparing themselves for feasts.

This unique feature of Ginger beer is the burn you feel when you take a sip. While conventional ginger ale is made from carbonated water, the Bundaberg is prepared by fermenting and brewing the finest quality of sugarcane and ginger. It contains a small amount of alcohol and several other ingredients that give the drink a spicy aftertaste.

Even though other ginger beers like Aether Brewing Ginger Beer and Brookvale Union Ginger Beer are popular, too, there is no substitute for this legend.

Archie Rose

Another famous Australian drink you must try is the Archie Rose gin. Handcrafted by experts, this gin has a smooth taste. The flavour is sweet, and you can mix it with a tonic to enjoy its taste. Several gin lovers shift to Archie Rose to get the true Australian flavour, but shift can be expensive.

But if you want to switch up things in your alcohol cabinet, this is a good option!


The best place to try out this locally made drink is Melbourne. In Australia, vodka is affordable, and it can be found easily in local supermarkets or with micro-producers. The best way to enjoy this is to sip it rather than taking shots. If you want to try the best Australia has to offer, you should try Hartshorn Vodka. It has won the prestigious award for Australia’s Best Vodka for three consecutive years.

Another Vodka you can try is the Small Mouth Vodka, an Australian brand made with the finest natural ingredients in the classic method to maintain its taste.

Tamborine Mountain

While Tamborine Mountain isn’t as popular as other drinks in Australia, it has created a cult following. Their spirits are so good that even the professionals (read bartenders) use them in the drinks they create. Moreover, it’s also a well-renowned brand since they’ve managed to collect 300 awards in their 20 years of existence.

If you’re trying to get drunk, try out their Apricot Brandy.

Bundaberg Rum

All tropical countries love having their share of rum, and Australia’s favourite rum is made from sugar canes. Nothing compares to soft icy rum on a summer day when you’re travelling. People also love pairing Budaberg’s rum with their ginger beer.

Locally Crafted Beer

Did you know that Australia is the second-highest beer consumer in the world? A recent study showed that Australians consume 304 beers per person in a single year.

That’s almost one glass of beer every day!

Australia would have topped the list if the Czechs weren’t drinking 419 glasses of beer every year. Anyway, it’s no surprise that Fosters is one of the most loved drinks in Australia. In almost anywhere in the country, you can find a bottle. You can try regional beers like Victoria Bitter in Victoria, Cascade Beer in Tasmania, and XXXX in Queensland.

Wrapping Up

Are you still thinking about which drink to have while you’re visiting the land of Kangaroos? If you are, go through the list of drinks we’ve mentioned above, and we’re sure you’ll find a favourite! And why shouldn’t you? One of the best parts about backpacking is the beverages and drinks you have while you’re on the road (but don’t drive while you’re drinking!).

So, don’t forget to try out these specialties on your next Australian tour. But if you’re looking for something special, try a tailor-made whisky from a place like the Whisky Subscription Club

But always remember to drink responsibly! 


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