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College Men’s Beauty Products That Are Not Tested on Animals

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Animal testing is one of the cruelest practices in the world where different products that are used by humans are tested on animals like rats and pigs for side effects and fatal infections. Many cosmetic companies and organizations try out various types of new products on animals to find out if they will have a negative effect on the animal samples.

If the products do not show any side effects or health hazards on the animals then they are used by humans. But in most cases, the animals suffer from tragic negative effects and finally die a painful death due to the experiments done on them just for the sake of human beings.

Examples of Animal Testing

There are many examples of animal testing where the monkeys and rats have to suffer from infections and health hazards due to the cosmetic products that were tested on them. Generally, many animals like monkeys and rats have similar physiology to humans so they will show similar reactions to these products. So these cosmetic products are tested on them before use on humans.

If you read an essay on cosmetic product testing then you will understand these practices of animal testing are inhuman and should be stopped. You should always try to use cruelty free men’s products that are not tested on animals and you can find such information in an animal testing research paper that mentions all the companies that test their products on animals and the companies that do not. Although animals are not conscious like humans, yet they feel pain like us and so it is completely unethical to give them pain so that we can use better cosmetic products.

Research Before You Buy Any Cosmetic Product

So before you use any cosmetic product, you should research the topics to increase your knowledge about the best vegan cosmetic brands. Generally, the term vegan is short for vegetarians and it means these products do not have any animal parts or ingredients in them. Many companies do not give clear information about their testing methods but you can find examples of such companies in many essays or a paper about animal testing. So if you have been using cosmetic products that were tested on animals then immediately shift to using men’s organic skin care line that is not tested on animals.

What’s the Best Way to Stop Such Practice?

There are many ways in which this practice can be stopped and the best way is if the consumers stop using these products that are tested on animals, then the companies will be forced to stop this cruel practice and stop testing their products on animals. In an essay about cosmetic testing, you can easily find out which brands do not test their products on animals and use organic materials as the base ingredients.

Some of the examples of the cosmetic companies that don’t test on animals are Mancave, Dolma Fragrances, Every Man Jack, Paula’s Choice for Men, etc. many people have the question in their mind that does old spice test on animals and the answer is yes, the old spice does animal testing for their cosmetic products. So you should always avoid using the products that are tested on animals to reduce the popularity of these products which will force the companies to change their animal testing practices.

Final Words

Although animals do not communicate with each other in the same way humans do, still there are many shreds of evidence to prove that they feel pain just as humans do. So these animals have to go through lots of suffering and pain due to these cruel practices.  Many companies do not think about the ethical factors of their practices and focus only on profits. Moreover, the consumers should be more aware of these animal testing practices so that they can change their brands and shift to using cruelty free lotion brands.

So choose an organic and cruelty-free brand that does not let animals suffer unnecessarily for financial gains and helps in creating a better world not only for humans but also for animals.


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