Keeping Fit To Control Your High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is something that impacts many of us during our lives for a number of reasons. Obesity and stress are the most common causes of high blood pressure, and if you or a family member are suffering from this there are a few things you can do to help you reduce it.

As well as using helpful medication such as Tadalafil to reduce your blood pressure, there is another method that is natural and one that you can do at home.


Exercising provides so many amazing benefits for the body including reducing your blood pressure to take the strain away from your heart, and we are first going to dive into all of the benefits of regular exercise that you should take advantage of this year. 

You’ll be happier 

One of the main benefits of regular exercise is the fact that it releases serotonin in your brain that makes you feel happier and more energised. By working out a few times a week, you’ll be a happier person, which in turn will help you to reduce stress, and this can also help to reduce your blood pressure as a result.

It can help with weight loss

Exercising is great for every part of your body and by regularly getting active you can actually lose weight and burn more fat in the body. Exercising can help to boost your metabolism and aid in burning more fat during the day, and by using your muscles to perform different exercises, your body will use fat as energy and burn this off to help you stay lean and strong. The less fat you have in your body the healthier you will be, and the less risk you have of issues such as heart disease or blood clots.

Strengthen your muscles and bones

It is important for us to stay healthy and active throughout our lives to improve the state of the body – and one way to do this is through working out. When you workout your muscles will grow and your bones will become stronger, and this can in turn impact your blood pressure. The stronger your heart is, the less strain will be put on it to pump blood around your body.

Reduce anxiety 

If you are an anxious person or you suffer from depression, you may struggle to motivate yourself to exercise and this is a roadblock many people face. However, it is important to exercise throughout the day to help release those positive hormones and this will reduce your stress levels as well as feelings of anxiety. As well as this, with constant exercise you will start to notice changes in your body and this can help to improve your overall confidence. 

So now that we know a few of the different benefits of exercise in conjunction with lowering your blood pressure, it is time to look at some exercises you can do to reduce blood pressure at home.

These exercises are all of moderate intensity, and just 30 minutes of these each day will improve the health of your body and will help to reduce your blood pressure.


We all know that walking is important for the heart, and it is also an exercise that relaxes us and helps to relieve some stress. If you are hoping to reduce your blood pressure and tone your legs, taking a 30 minute walk each day will do this. 10,000 steps is the ideal target for steps each day, but even if you are unable to reach this target, 30 minutes of moderate speed walking will do wonders for your body.


Whether you go out on the road or you use an exercise bike at home – cycling is an all-encompassing exercise that will work not only your legs but also your core, arms, and chest. By riding a bike for 20-30 minutes you will be able to burn calories as well as get your blood pumping more effectively around the body, reducing the chance of blood clots forming in your body.

Weight training 

Weight training is a useful way to grow and strengthen your muscles as well as your bones, and this will help to reduce your blood pressure by improving your circulation as well as reducing the risk of blood clots. Weight training is a useful exercise to do whether you want to bulk up or stay lean, and by working out with weights once a week you will soon see some real changes in your body for the better.


For stress busting and strength training, yoga is a useful exercise to do if you have high blood pressure and will help to relieve this in a few different ways. First of all, the practice of yoga is relaxing and will reduce stress, helping to reduce your blood pressure in this way. It will also lengthen and strengthen your muscles helping to improve your circulation which can also impact your blood pressure. By performing 30 minutes of yoga 2-4 times a week, you will feel healthier and happier.


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