Know your Body: The Male Erogenous Zones you HAVE to know about

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When we refer to “erogenous zones,” we are actually referring to the “love producing zones” on the body that release loads of endorphins. When touched in just the right way, these endorphins will push your sex drive to new heights. Having your partner pay attention to your erogenous zones makes for excellent foreplay; who ever said sex was a race?

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The knowledge of the erogenous zones can help rev up your libido even further. Pay attention to these three hot spots on your body:


The Neck:

The neck is a highly sensitive area that can be stimulated quite easily to arouse you.  The best way to trigger your se drive is through passionate kissing, of course. However, there are more ways to ignite your senses, like using smells and scents. Remember, the more senses you can activate, the better.


The Feet:

Believe it or not, even the most ticklish male cannot resist sexual stimulation when it comes to the feet. If you are willing to spend some time and effort, try studying foot reflexology. This will tell you more about the pressure points for quick arousal; take turns giving foot massages, showing her which points to hit first and share in the pleasure. Most importantly, the feet are often a much-neglected part of the body for us men, when you pay attention to them you are surely to feel the arousal.


The Perineum:

The perineum is the tiny patch of skin between the anus and the scrotum. It is connected to a host of sensitive nerve ends that transmit pleasure signals to the brain. In fact, this could prove to be the magical “G” spot for men. It is quite simple to stimulate this area playfully. Push the limits with your partner as she explores your sensitive perineum; it is likely to excite beyond limits.


Understanding your Male Libido

It is important to understand that as men we are naturally attracted to sex and physical intimacy. If you’ve been feeling a lack of interest, you need to rule out relationship issues, mounting work stress and illnesses like diabetes and chronic heart diseases. Once these have been ruled out, also check for dipping testosterone levels. Explore other options to kickstart your libido by tapping into the pleasure of your erogenous zones, and remember that the best natural male enhancers, such as Rexavar, the clinically tested size boosting compound, can also help.


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