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Want a Luxury Garage? 3 Design Ideas to Customize Your Space

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A common mistake in interior design is ignoring the garage’s potential.

Garages tend to be spacious and open, making them ideal for a wide range of design layouts and concepts. When you fail to see the space as a workable area, you’re missing out on the opportunity to provide your home with some exciting, one-of-a-kind features.

The garage is a space that can serve many useful purposes when designed right. If you are lucky enough to have luxury cars, you’ll want a luxury garage to match.

Here, we cover design tips for those interested in having a garage above and beyond the standard.

1. High-End Finishes

Who said garages all had to have the same dull cement floors, windowless walls, and rickety door tracks?

While the garages of the past were all somewhat of an eyesore, more contemporary designs put effort into making them aesthetically pleasing with high-end features and quality materials. It’s now common to see these spaces fitted with recessed, LED lighting, tile or polyaspartic flooring, and energy-saving windows.

So ditch that gloomy interior and call a professional who specializes in garage construction. High-end contractors who have passed their exams by studying with Contractor Training Center will be able to bring the expertise and experience needed to complete a high-end garage. 

2. Innovative Organization

In most family homes, much more gets stored in the garage than just the cars. Typically, it gets turned into a dumping ground for holiday decorations, out-of-season clothes, old toys, sports equipment, and so much more.

If you want to keep your garage functional while still using it as a primary space for storing everything you don’t want lying around your house, consider installing some organization systems.

There are many options for turning any extra square footage into your dream storage space, from innovative shelving to built-in or installable closets. Keeping boxes off the ground will also help protect your possessions in the case of a flood, as well. 

Never struggle to dig through a jumble of unorganized boxes again when you incorporate a premium, well-designed storage system into your garage’s infrastructure.

3. Multi-Use Space

Just because garages traditionally house cars doesn’t mean that’s all you are allowed to do with the room. 

In reality, the garage is an extension of the house itself rather than an unattractive outlier. This means that anything you could envision building into the house itself, you should also feel empowered to incorporate into the garage. 

Whether you’d like to add a wet bar, a second kitchenette, or an extra seating area and TV for watching the games, there are easy ways to retrofit the garage space so that you can have it all.

With a bit of creativity, the open layout of the garage is a veritable blank canvas for all those bells and whistles you want to build into your home.


Essentially, there’s no need to give up on your garage as the ugliest part of your home. With a little construction insight and creative planning, you can make your garage just as luxurious as the rest of your home.


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