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3 Real-Life Pirate Hideouts Of The Caribbean

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The popular film franchise, Pirates of the Caribbean, enthralled movie fans of all ages. Many fans wished the adventure could continue, and now it can. We capture the thrill, excitement, and adventure embodied in these films with our guide below. Keep reading to discover 3 real-life pirate hideouts of the Caribbean.


Jack Sparrow was a loveable scallywag and intensely relatable character in the pirate film genre. But he would run a mile if confronted with the real pirates of the Caribbean! Yes, pirates did indeed exist and operate in the Caribbean, especially in places like Nassau, the largest and capital city of the Bahamas.

They were a terrifying sight to behold in their massive pirate sailing ships as they sailed, fought, and plundered Caribbean territories. Luckily, you don’t have to fight a pirate to get your seagoing vessel. Planning your sailing trips in the Caribbean is a lot simpler and safer when chartering a boat online.

But that doesn’t mean that you don’t get to have an epic adventure of your own. With your choice of a skipper or bareboat charter, you too can discover the treasures that have to offer.

A skippered sailboat is best if you are a first-time sailor. But if an organized pirate-themed tour sounds like fun, you can have that too. Set sail through the Harbor on a 500-ton Spanish galleon with the Pirates of Blackbeard’s Revenge. It’s fun and guaranteed to unleash your inner pirate.


Think Cuba’s only claim to fame is exquisite cigars? Think again. As the main Spanish port in the Caribbean, Havana played a pivotal role in shipping during the Golden Age of Piracy. Much cargo was transported to and fro here, and this made it a target for pirates.

Modern-day Havana still boasts many cultural and historical treasures, as well as authentic pirate hideaways. For a pirate-centered educational experience, be sure to visit the Maritime Museum at Castillo de la Real Fuerza.

You’ll learn about Cuba’s maritime past from pre-Columbian days through to the 18th century at this historic fort. And you’ll get to explore the oldest stone fort in the Americas. Originally erected to defend Havana against attack by pirates, this has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1982.

Port Royal

Port Royal in Jamaica was a very popular port of call for pirates during the late 17th and early 18th centuries. It soon became one of the most notorious cities on Earth, its streets lined with brothels, taverns, and other notorious forms of pirate entertainment. But this was no accident; it was by design.

In the 17th century, the Jamaican authorities made a deal with pirates that benefitted both parties. In exchange for protection from the Spanish, Jamaica became a haven for willing buccaneers.

The local economy flourished thanks to the patronage of pirates and sympathizing privateers. But like all ill-advised partnerships with pirates, this soon came to an end. The pirates have long gone, but this old city still stands, enjoying tourism of a very different kind.


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