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Simon Bull: Getting To Know a Rising Star in Social Media World

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Simon Bull is a talented Social Media Specialist and the Social Lead Producer at SIFT Creative. Simon specialises in developing social media strategies, managing platforms, and creating high quality content for his clients. He is a rising star in the social media industry with impressive experience across a range of sports including Formula E, Formula 1, golf, and tennis. Simon grew up just outside of West London, Maidenhead, UK. It was clear from a young age Simon had a creative mind, spending his time filming and editing home videos with his friends, experimenting with animation and even visual effects.

鈥淢y mom had purchased a JVC camcorder on a vacation to Orlando when I was 7, and I would film absolutely everything鈥 Simon said. His skills only grew as he stood out in high school for talents in video production, and went on to study Television & Broadcasting at the University of Portsmouth, receiving a National Student Television Award and recognition from JVC for his contribution to sports video production.

Following his graduation with the highest honours, he entered the world of television at Sky Sports, The UK鈥檚 leading sports network, with the goal of becoming a producer. But after just a couple of years within the company, Simon had eyed up his next challenge. 鈥淚 discovered the amount of talent in the social media industry was staggering, and I wanted to surround myself with talented and like minded people to learn from,鈥. But making the move from television to social media wasn鈥檛 as simple as seemed. 鈥淭hey鈥檙e incredibly different in the way that you plan, produce and deliver content to an audience,鈥 he said, 鈥淚 had to educate myself on an entirely new industry, and expand my skillset before I had a chance to get my foot in the door鈥.


What is a Social Media Producer?

Social media producers are responsible for creating content on social media platforms. Frequently crossing roles with a social media manager, they鈥檙e mainly tasked with developing engaging, relevant posts that will attract an audience and encourage them to interact with the brand or product being promoted. They work directly with a person or company鈥檚 marketing team to develop content strategies, aligning with their business goals. But to be considered a Social Media Specialist, the responsibilities are much greater.

How Does Simon Bull Stand Out in a Competitive Industry?

鈥淚 think it鈥檚 my diverse skillset that makes me indispensable to my clients鈥 stated Simon. He manages to stand out in such a highly competitive industry thanks to his abilities to effectively execute in all areas social media management. From developing strategies and launching paid campaigns for large organisations, to editing TikTok videos and designing digital graphics for elite athletes, to managing online communities in the millions, Simon鈥檚 talents and in-depth knowledge of the social media platforms make him a 鈥榰nicorn鈥 in the industry. 鈥淭he fact that I can jump into a client鈥檚 marketing team and offer them a one stop shop of creative and management services has set me apart from others鈥 he said. He has been praised for his ability to speak the digital language of the youth, and a natural copywriter 鈥淗ow hard is it to write a tweet? I hear people say, and they鈥檙e right it鈥檚 not hard. But having to repeatedly fashion, engaging, funny, relatable and on trend copy for an audience, that can get pretty tough鈥. Simon鈥檚 work as an accomplished graphic designer, videographer and content creator, has seen him gather tens of millions of video views and thousands of engagements for clients.

Achievements in Formula 1, Tennis and Golf

SIFT Creative鈥檚 partnership with the newly launched LIV Golf, professional golf tour, offered Simon the opportunity to lead the design and development of the their social media presence. 鈥淚t was an incredible challenge, I had helped brand鈥檚 and athletes improve and transform their social media before, but launching an entire sports league from scratch was wild鈥 Simon said. After just over a month, Simon led a fresh faced social team to London for the inaugural event. 鈥淭here was plenty of media attention so I knew our content would gain traction, but I was blown away with the response鈥. After just five days Simon and his team had accumulated 150K Instagram Followers, 115K Twitter Followers and 100K YouTube Subscribers.

Prior to his time with SIFT Creative, Simon was hired to transform Sky Sports F1鈥檚 social media output. The world鈥檚 leading broadcaster of Formula 1, aired in the US on ESPN, had been lacking in both 鈥渜uality and attention鈥 Simon said. 鈥淭hey trusted me to take the reins alone and improve things, and I had a blast doing it鈥. Simon was tasked with designing a new social strategy and creating daily content for their 2.6 million followers in one of the biggest sports in the world. He added 鈥淚 was pretty much a one man show when it came to that job, from analytics reports to community management, I wore a lot of hats.鈥 After two seasons with the team, Simon moved on, having grown their channels from 2.6 million followers to over 4.4 million in just over 18 months, gaining high praise from those within the sport. 鈥淚t was an invaluable learning experience for me, getting to grips with every role in social all at the same time. It was by no means easy, but plenty of fun鈥.

More recently Simon spent over a month in Australia, working with the ATP and WTA Tours on their coverage of the ATP Cup and the Australian Open. Being on the ground was a special moment for Simon, 鈥淚鈥檇 been remote for so long, and there鈥檚 a certain buzz you get from working on-site at a sports event like that.鈥 His skills were put to the test as he assisted the ATP Tour鈥檚 marketing team in delivering daily content, live coverage and shooting video content with players. 鈥淪till deep in the pandemic in Australia, my goal was to attempt to help fans who couldn鈥檛 attend, experience the event and take them behind the scenes as best as possible鈥 Simon said. 鈥淭ogether we delivered some great numbers across social for the month, and it also gave me the opportunity to network with players.鈥 He added.

Working with Celebrities and Athletes

Simon has worked with many celebrities including Martin Brundle, Nico Rosberg, Jenson Button, David Croft, Lando Norris, Damon Hill, Lewis Hamilton, Valentino Rossi, Novak Djokovic, Felix Auger Aliassime and Matteo Berrettini.鈥ㄢ℉e鈥檚 experienced in both interviewing celebrities for his clients, but also in creating bespoke personalised content for their own personal channels.

The Future

Approaching the end of 2022, Simon is keen to expand his sporting client base at SIFT Creative. 鈥淚鈥檓 hoping to work with more athletes, I think we鈥檝e got a lot to offer them in increasing the value of their brand.鈥 But Simon is also looking to keep creating new refreshing content, 鈥淧eople are desperate to see into the lives of these athletes, and I鈥檇 love to help make it happen on their own terms鈥 he added. Simon鈥檚 next personal goal is to help young, rising athletes prepare for the attention and sponsorship deals that await them as they reach the top of their game. Despite his success, Simon continues to educate himself on the social media landscape, learning from his peers and fellow experts in the sports industry. He added 鈥測ou can never stop learning in this industry, the landscape changes so fast, but it鈥檚 key If you鈥檙e striving for excellence.”

You can view some of Simon’s work via his Gondola page.



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