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Diesel Fragrances x Neymar Jr: Spirit of the Brave

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In just 10 years, Brazilian soccer player, Neymar Jr. has become a star.   With over 250-million social media followers, he has his fair share of fans and critics.  Everything he does is photographed shared and scrutinized.  He fearlessness, both on the field and in life, made him the ideal person for Diesel Fragrances to collaborate with on their latest release – Spirit of the Brave.  Only The Brave, Diesel’s signature fragrance for men, celebrated its 10th anniversary and this release is extension of the brand.

“Neymar is an inspiration in the world of soccer. He is a genius, an artist, a magician. He has a very strong personality, a very strong style that inspires a lot of young people all over the world,”

Guillaume de Lesquen, global president, designer brands fragrances at L’Oréal Luxe, told WWD in a recent interview.

Spirit of the Brave marks the first time that Diesel had collaborated with someone from the sports world It’s also the first time a spokesperson was involved with all aspects of a fragrance’s creation.

Neymar Jr. worked with perfumer Carlos Benaïm on the woody Oriental.  The fragrance, which launched on May 19th, is reflective of what bravery means to Neymar Jr.  Spirit Of The Brave comes packaged in the iconic bottle, popularized by Only the Brave, shaped like a clenched fist. It has been re-imagined for the launch in black and gold, and features a print of the lion tattooed on Neymar’s own fist. The fist symbolizes strength, self-confidence and bravery.  We had a chance to speak with the renowned athlete about his life and his inspiration for the fragrance.

Neymar Jr Diesel Fragrances Spirit of the Brave Collogne
Photos (including cover): Courtesy of L’Oreal Fragrances, edited by SWAGGER

You are the face of Spirit of the Brave. What does the word “bravery” mean to you? Would you say it is being courageous?

I consider myself “courageous”.  I wake up every day of my life thinking about winning, about fighting the good fight. Sometimes the adversities are many, the life of a professional athlete at my level is filled with obstacles. But I don’t give up, I know what I can achieve and I help my teammates. It’s like that in my personal life as well. I cannot give up, there are many people rooting for me and that drives me on.

When did you realize for the first time that you “would” become a champion? When was the first time you realized that you “had” become a champion? 

I don’t consider myself a “champion”. I have had many victories, but I still have a road to travel, I am not satisfied with what I have achieved professionally.  But in my personal life I already feel like a winner. Through my work I have managed to give my family a better life, help my friends and I obtained my greatest achievement. My son.

You were quite involved in the creation of the new fragrance.  Did you have an idea what you wanted Spirit of the Brave to smell like?

I did not know exactly what, but I knew it had to do with me. It had to be a daring fragrance.  I wanted a fragrance that is both fresh and elegant, to give me energy and confidence in every moment of my life.

You wanted Spirit of the Brave to convey energy and confidence. It is obvious that you have a lot of energy, but were you always confident? 

I have to be. The work I do demands confidence, without it we cannot achieve anything. Can you imagine not having confidence when it was time for the penalty kick at the end of the Olympics?

 Your tattoos play an important role in the history of Spirit of the Brave. The lion tattoo on your hand was used on the fragrance bottle. What is the story behind it? Who created it?

The lion is an animal that represents strength and leadership.  I identify with it in that sense, besides finding the animal very beautiful. I created it with Thieres, we selected a photo that would look cool, showing the lion’s face focused, determined… I love that tattoo, it’s one of my favourites.

You have a sense of style and fashion. Do you think it is important to stand out? 

I love fashion. I think it is important to always be well dressed. The way we dress says a lot about who we are. Standing out is a consequence.

Do you have a ritual before you go out on the field?

Before every game I speak with my father and we pray together. We have been doing this since the start of my career, while I was still in the minor leagues. And I listen to a lot of music!

How important are the fans to you?  How to you maintain contact with them? 

The fans are very important to me. They give me strength, confidence, they sustain me with their love so that I can maintain my will to win. The way I express myself on the social networks is one way of maintaining contact with them. They are always very curious to know everything that happens in my life on and off the field. But the best form of contact I maintain with them is by scoring a goal or winning a title. There’s a lot of energy involved!

Here’s a look at the official Spirit of the Brave campaign video:

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