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Becky Hudson

Sailun Tires

Becky Hudson is a beautiful woman living a millennial fairy tale.

The Richmond, VA native who has appeared on the cover of Playboy Magazine started an Instagram account, posed her photos, and eventually got more than 700,000 followers in just a span of one year.

She’s social media’s newest darling.

Well, with her tantalizing eyes, ample curves and, amazing curves, it’s not hard to see why.

Q: Your social media fanbase is skyrocketing. How has Instagram impacted your career?

Instagram has made it possible for me to expand my career around the world and reach so many people! Social media in general has created a whole new market that has opened up so many new doors for me and my career.

Q: How would those closest to you describe your personality?

They would describe me as a girl’s girl who likes to have fun. I’ve been told I am surprisingly soft-spoken based on my appearance, but those closest to me know that I am just a friendly person who likes to share a good laugh.

Q: Which of your career achievements have made you most proud?

My Playboy Magazine cover. It’s something that is still so surreal to me to this day!

Q: What’s the first thing you’d do if you won the lottery?

I would go shopping!

Q: Given your experience in the industry, what do you believe is the key to success?

The key to success is to always believe in yourself. We can be our own worst critics at times, but we can also be our only support at times. So taking care of yourself and never doubting what you are doing and constantly believing you can achieve your goal is key.

Q: Can you give us any tips to drive a woman wild in the bedroom?

Ask her what she wants! The best way to drive a girl crazy in the bedroom is to ask and not just assume you’re rocking their world haha. Communicate and I guarantee that the results will benefit both of you.

Q: Describe the ultimate sexy date.

The ultimate sexy date for me would be going to a nice rooftop restaurant, with a killer bar, followed by a concert, or something fun like going ice skating down in Santa Monica since it’s winter season and they have those pop-up ice rinks. And to finish the night, grabbing drinks by a fire at an intimate bar.

Q: What type of playlist gets you pumped up for a shoot?

I love all types of music! Anything with a solid beat and good melody gets me hyped for the gym.

Q: What’s your biggest pet peeve when it comes to dating?

My biggest pet peeves when dating or seeing someone new is if they just assume, I’m going to be a certain way because of what I look like. I also don’t like it when a guy tries to mansplain things to me.

Q: What sets you apart from other models in the industry?

The modeling and Influencer worlds are very small, and we all know each other somehow or another. I think what sets me apart from everyone else is my personality. We all have something that makes us great, but for me I don’t think that I would be able to make it in this industry if I didn’t stay true to myself.

Q: Is there anyone in the industry you’re particularly excited to work with?

I’d love to work and collab with so many different people. I’d love to work on a bikini and makeup line with the right brands, or even work with other new photographers to get some really sick shots.

Q: What’s one thing men shouldn’t do to get a woman’s attention?

CAT CALL! Do that and you might as well just consider yourself a no go in my book.

Q: What’s your biggest goal for 2019?

My biggest goals for me in 2019 is to continue to grow my brand and collab with some great people! I’ve got some sick ideas that I cannot wait to show everyone!




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