4 Products To Have Awesome Sex. No Apologies.

Looking to add extra fire in the bedroom? Swagger Magazine has rounded up a list of 4 products that will definitely add a bit of spice to your sex life. Thank us later – no apologies.


Autoblow A.I. is the world’s most advanced blowjob machine.  A team of scientists, for the first time ever, used machine learning to study blowjob videos to understand and replicate the mechanics of blowjobs. The results of the study were programmed into the device so that you can experience blowjobs the same way they are given in real life. The machine gives you 10 different blowjob experiences at 10 different speeds, and one of the modes delivers a unique blowjob every time it is selected. The patented penis gripper replicates the gliding and sliding actions that occur during real life blowjobs. 

Additional features men love include an edging mode that allows you to keep yourself on the edge of orgasm and 100% silicone removable sleeves that are quick and easy to clean. Different colored LEDs indicate your mode and speed so that you have full control over your blowjob experience. For the ultimate in convenience, the machine plugs into any wall outlet and never needs batteries! Click here to learn about why the Autoblow is the blowjob machine the majority of blowjob lovers choose.

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Tenga Spinner

As cuffing season is almost upon us, single guys are a bit distressed because in the age of a raging global pandemic finding a cuffing partner could prove more difficult than usual. There is some hope to help deal with those natural urges in the form of new Tenga Spinner sex toy for guys.

Gone are the days where only a sweaty hand with lotion or a sock and Vaseline was the solution, the good folk over at Tenga created the Tenga Spinner. It is a masturbation device that is designed with an all new coil like mechanism  that allows it to well, spin up and down the shaft of your penis giving the simulated sensations that gets you to that happy place AND extra bonus the mess is contained, unless you are the type that likes it splashing everywhere. The device is washable, reusable, waterproof (shower time friendly) and comes with it’s own special lubricant to give that extra good feel.

The Tenga Spinner comes in 6 different types Tetra, Hexa, Shell, Pixel, Beads and Brick, each gives you a different simulated feel, so if you wanted, you could get all 6 to give that extra special feeling of different sensations each day of the week. They come in a cool case that also serves as a drying dock. They are priced at a modest $27 which makes them a good investment in self pleasure and overall mental wellness because we know nothing relieves our stress and resets our moods then a good explosive private happy time.

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Written by Kassius Denizen

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We-Vibe® Chorus

MSRP: $199 USD / $229 CAD

Chorus: the most intuitive couple’s vibrator. Worn during sex, Chorus is adjustable to fit your bodies so you can both feel vibrations right where you want them. Change vibration modes as well as the intensity in the moment with the Squeeze Remote. The harder you squeeze the remote, the more intense Chorus vibrates. Chorus features innovative touch-sensitive receptors and three new Touch Sense modes that react intuitively to your movements together. As you move, Chorus will change patterns and intensity levels.

With the free We-Connect app, you can play and share control of Chorus from anywhere in the world. Use the app to create custom vibes, video chat and sync the vibrations to your favorite music. Chorus provides better connectivity than previous models by using AnkorLink™ technology so that the connection will always be strong and secure for non-stop play together. Chorus is also USB-rechargeable, waterproof and covered in soft, body-safe silicone.

Chorus is designed to be enjoyed with a partner during sex. We-Vibe is the original inventor of the C-shape couple’s product. Through 12 years of innovation and over 6 million products sold, We-Vibe is still the world’s trusted brand when it comes to high-tech, premium couple’s sex toys.

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myONE® Condoms

What if we told you that standard condoms properly fit only 12% of people? That’s not an exaggeration, it’s the truth. For years we heard from customers that the biggest complaint and reason for not using condoms is how they fit; they’re too big, they’re too tight, they’re too loose, etc. The result? Pinching, squeezing, the “red ring of death”, slippage, and erection loss. Your favorite toy deserves a better experience. 

After all: Why settle for an ill-fitting suit, when instead you feel your sexiest and most confident in something that fits and feels amazing?

In 2017, we launched myONE® Condoms after many years of research and development. MyONE® has 60 different condom sizes — combinations of 10 different lengths and 9 different girths. We believe that size DOES matter…when it comes to condoms. 

How do you measure up? Yep, that’s always the first question. We have three easy options to find your myONE® size code (think bra sizes, but for penises). The packaging and wrappers are discreet about what size you use. We offer sample kits so that customers can try different sizes before making a larger purchase — and have a team of highly-trained Size Specialists (real title) ready via phone, email, and chat who are always there to help find the right size.

Think of myONE® as your own personal condom tailor. What could be more luxurious than that? Check us out at myonecondoms.com.

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