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British Actress Alessia Vernazza is Making Waves Stateside

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Finding success in international waters is something so many dream of, but very few can achieve. Actress and model Alessia Vernazza, has done it with ease since her move from the UK to Los Angeles just a few years ago.

Making revolutionary moves in the states, she has expanded her acting and modeling career, pushing her to pursue more opportunities in the city of dreams.

Vernazza began acting at the age of eight. Having grown up exposed to the theater from an early age, Vernazza indulged herself in acting opportunities and quickly found it to be her passion. Along with acting, she is a natural in front of the camera from her long history of modeling. Since she moved to Los Angeles, she has worked with notable brands and photographers, growing her following as an influencer.

Vernazza has multiple exciting projects in the works. She has a supporting role in a feature horror film that is soon to be released, a lead role in a new TV series called “Princess Alice,” and stars in feature film “In Pursuit of Glory.”  Fans are excited to see more of Vernazza on their televisions as well as the big screen very soon!

Humility remains at the core of Vernazza’s values, while still being extremely proud of her accomplishments these past few years. Her love for the industry and her career can be summarized by how she has “the ability to enter into another  character, sharing stories, and being a storyteller. As a kid I loved playing pretend and  that’s what acting is – you get to walk in another person’s shoes. You get to lose  yourself in an imaginary world and experience life from another perspective,” says Vernazza.

Vernazza has big dreams for her future career as an actress, and from her undeniable hardwork and dedication, fans are in full support of her getting there. It is exciting to see this young, ambitious star accomplish her goals, and fans are encouraged to watch Vernazza’s upcoming projects as they release to the public in late 2021 and 2022.

For more information, please visit Alessia’s Instagram.


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