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‘Good Morning, Mr. President’, The Dominating Dwayne Johnson

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In an industry filled with larger than life figures, no figure is larger than Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson. He is six foot-five, 262 pounds of good natured, muscular, friendly fun and he dominates his movies. The $64.5 million he made in 2016 made him the highest paid actor in Hollywood. If there was a Dwayne Johnson customer satisfaction survey, the questions might ask ‘Do you see ‘The Rock’ as the best man at your wedding? or the groom at your wedding?’ The answer to both would be ‘yes’.

Of course, that feeling ‘The Rock’ gives you is both purposeful and authentic. Twelve million people follow him on Twitter, 82 million on Instagram. You don’t get that many people hanging on your every word if you’re not authentic. And you don’t achieve the success he’s achieved in such a short period of time if you are not purposeful. He took a cameo part in The Mummy Returns and turned it into the lead role in The Scorpion King. Dwayne Johnson looks like he actually can turn a torpedo with his bare hands like he did in The Fate of the Furious. He wore a tutu in The Game Plan and modeled a set of wings in The Tooth Fairy. He’s got his own clothing line with Under Armor, a TV series with HBO, and he voiced a part in Disney’s animated Moana. The character’s tattoos even looked familiar. And he can always go back to the WWE and drop ‘The People’s Elbow’ on somebody. Dwayne Johnson has his fingers in a lot of pies.

He’s not played the President in any of his movies. Yet. So the question came up. ‘Have you ever had any thoughts of running for the White House?’ When marketing and cult of personalities are dominating politics, there’s no doubt you can picture ‘The Rock’ sitting in the Oval Office. He’s made for television. When he flashes that smile and arches that eyebrow, ‘The Rock’, the nicest guy in the world, would convince you to work right alongside him. Forget about policy, President Dwayne Johnson could dominate Vladimir Putin. Putin doesn’t have a big tattoo and picture ‘The Rock’ riding a horse bare chested.

There’s a kind of mythology built up around ‘The Rock’. And that’s not because he played Hercules. Now with the help of Siri and his Apple iPhone, there’s nothing Dwayne Johnson cannot do. It’s a long form, movie-like advertisement for the I-Phone and ‘The Rock’ is the perfect vehicle to show just how to dominate your day.

So now that customer satisfaction survey, can ask, ‘Would Dwayne Johnson be someone you would most want to go into space with?’ Once again, the answer is ‘yes’.


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