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Stylish trucks for real men

Sailun Tires

Every American knows that an eighteen-wheeled truck is a place for real men. There is a boundless road ahead, favorite music, loneliness, steering wheel, and driver. This is a great job bringing fun for those who love the road.

This article will touch on the history and types of trucks that provide truck dispatcher services, for example, here.

The history of the creation and popularity of pickup trucks

Pickups and trucks are the most American car, and their history begins at the beginning of the XX century.

At that time, the active development of agriculture and truck dispatcher services began; the market demanded more and more products, and such a quantity couldn’t be put in a regular car or tightened with belts. The first philistine “prototype” was a car to which a large box or an old bed was attached. This invention had a large number of disadvantages.

In the 1930s, Chevrolet and Dodge advanced in the creation of trucks. After the war and stagnation, significant changes in truck dispatcher services occurred. The new trucks were equipped with V-6 and V-8 engines with 100 horsepower, improved transmission, and easier control. Pickups transported cargo, food, seeds, animals. In addition to cargo transportation functions, the car was also used as a way of transportation for the whole family.

A few numbers:

  • 1980 — the annual sales of pickups amounted to $ 2 million.
  • 2017 — more than $11 million worth of pickups were sold, as truck dispatcher services inform.

Pickups are firmly embedded in pop culture. Songs are written about them; they are often shown in films and advertisements. Now a pickup truck is for someone a memory from childhood, a reminder of village life or identification with the spirit of America.

Types of trucks

1. Curtain-sided vehicle

A unique feature of a curtain-sided vehicle is a special tent. It protects the cargo and hides the contents of the truck from prying eyes.

2. Refrigerator truck

The cooling technology consumes a lot of fuel. However, this is necessary for transporting special cargo, which must constantly be in the cold.

3. Insulated trucks

They differ in that they have a layer of insulating material. It maintains a constant temperature in the truck.

4. Car Transporter

This type of truck specializes in the transportation of cars. Nowadays, it’s popular — an increasing number of people don’t want to go to the other end of the country for a car. This type of truck can be closed or open, usually has two floors for vehicles.

5. Cement Truck

A cement truck or concrete mixer is a truck that aims to transport mixing equipment. It is constantly rotating, which doesn’t allow the cement to harden and deliver it to the place in the correct form.

6. Livestock Trucks

Livestock trucks are designed to transport animals. It can also be of different types: there is a mount for animals, with feeders. Often they are arranged so that air and daylight enter them.

These are the most commonly used tracks that you can see on this site from the truck dispatcher service. To be a professional in cargo transportation, you need to love cars very much. And Americans have a natural love for pickups.



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