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Brenna McKenna – Grit and Grace


Brenna McKenna – Grit and Grace

We tend to think of models as untouched, nyphette spoiled little rich girls, or else
high school standouts whisked off the farm and tossed into the haute coutere
meat market. Very rarely do we come across a beauty posing for the camera that’s
actually had some life lived beforehand. Brenna is just such a girl. The sort of traffic-
stopping looks and a body that would make every rich man want to sell sell sell
(apologies to Prince), she’s also got a hell of a story to tell, and a drive behind her
work ethic. Men of Swagger, meet Brenna McKenna.

A child of the sunshine state, she was dealt a tricky hand early on, when her
mother died tragically and she found herself pregnant at 16. She made some
serious lemonade out of those lemons, lifting her career in a few short years from
receptionist to VP in a national company, and still finding the time to raise three
boys (how is that possible says my wife) and maintain a happy marriage (ouch says
our readership) and an unarguably perfect physique. She’s quite a gal.

Swagger: You’re a traditionally good looking gal, what got you
interested in the fitness end of modeling?

Brenna: I’ve always been a bit of a tomboy with a love for sports &
fitness. It made sense to me to incorporate something I’m so passionate
about into my modeling, and it’s given me some serious opportunities.

People know you can’t just roll out of bed and have a body like yours,
can you describe what you do to keep in that kind of shape?
Plenty of women shy away from heavy weight lifting, it’s been a key part of
the results I wanted. Along with maintaining a healthy diet; my training has
weight lifting 5-6 days per week, and high intensity cardio 2 days or more.

What opportunities does the modeling lifestyle offer that you don’t
think you’d see otherwise?

It’s given me the chance to cross paths with people I would never have
met otherwise. The demands of the lifestyle also challenged me to stay on
my game 24/7, by maintaining a shoot ready physique at all times. More
importantly, it puts me in the position to share my story and inspire others to
live in strong pursuit of their dreams.

Do you spend a lot of time with other models? What’s it like when you
guys get together?

Although I correspond with many other models, I don’t spend a lot of time
with them. It’s only because I’m going in a million directions all the time.

Do you find yourself attracted to “gym guys” vs “Fit guys”? What’s a
fella got to do to grab your attention?

I’m attracted to “athletic guys”. It’s not just about looking your best, it’s
being your best.
What grabs my attention is character. Then add the hook…Moderate
muscle with high definition. Confidence with some humility, ambition,
independence, honesty, and a carefree Spirit! (sounds like our new mantra

What’s the most important thing a man can be?

Himself. In the end that’s what you want your partner to fall for.

A perfect date?

Cooking together & chilling at home. Every girl loves to get dressed up &
go out on the town sometimes, but for a perfect date night I’d rather keep the
focus on engaging my partner.

What’s your favourite car?

My favorite car is fast! Okay, maybe an Aston Martin. It’s so sleek & sexy!

Any vacation spots you want to check off your bucket list?
Italy! Aside from its beauty, I bet they have amazing meatballs!

A long lost aunt dies and you inherit a fortune, what’s the first thing you

Basketballs, Hoola Hoops and Jump Ropes for underprivileged children.
Growing up less fortunate myself, I always have a passion to help & inspire
children in tough circumstances.

What do you see yourself doing in five years?

Things I’ve never imagined possible. I have an entrepreneur’s spirit, and
I think you make your own opportunities. The possibilities are endless.
Publishing my own magazine, owning my own clothing, fitness, lingerie
& bikini line, entertaining photography, and traveling more. Dream BIG!

What’s your favourite city to cut loose in?

Wherever my family or friends are. I can have fun anywhere. It’s the
company that makes the experience.
Any parting words for our Swagger Men?

There is nothing more attractive than a man who is confident & has the
courage to lead his own life, be himself, and have the will and passion to
always become better.


Interview by Jeremy P Beal


Photography by Satio Photography & LHGFX Photography



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