5 Tips to Look Slim in Swimsuits

What are summers for if not for showing off those deep tan lines and a beach body which makes women go weak in the knees! A super cool beach time calls for an equally hot collection of swimsuits but looks like something is holding you back? Is it those extra kilos you gained during the lockdown last year or the workout you missed because of your work call?

Swimsuits are rewarding, swimsuits are relaxing and by no chance should anything hold you back when it comes to donning one. So if you are looking for ways to appear fitter in your swimsuit this summer, here are some tips that will pair well with your confidence!

Cut the carbs, yes to proteins

If your beach vacation is not one of those impromptu trips planned at the eleventh hour, then there is a possibility that you might have some time in your hand to manage your diet. A beach body calls for a beachy diet which has to do with lots of proteins and less carbs. Try reducing your carb intake, not all at once but in parts. The reduction in carbohydrates should be balanced with an increased protein diet which allows the body to burn the fat for energy, thus assisting in building muscles and getting rid of excess water.

Meeting halfway with trunks

When it comes to deciding the ultimate swimsuit look for men, it is important to know that there is no size that can make men with different body structures look slim. However, if you are confused between long or short trunks, maybe surf trunks is what you are looking for! Neither too long, nor too short, surf trunks are a perfect solution to conceal extra fat around your thighs without hiding your perfect calf. If you are looking for a really cool and eye-catchy collection of swimwear, visit Daily Jock and brace yourself to find a wide array of swimwear, all in a plethora of sizes, prints, and patterns. 

Putting up with extra kilos

Holiday weight is real and it is proven when you wear your swimsuit only to see fat bulging out from your belly and thighs. In order to avoid it, most people go for loose swim trunks, thinking that they will appear leaner. However, if truth be told, a well-fitted swimsuit which is not too tight nor too loose is the one you are looking for. While purchasing one, make sure it has loose leg opening and the hem must be above the knee to contour your waistline. Similarly, if you wish to hide your dad bod after all that vacation eating, buy a pair of trunks with a defined and high waistband. Now, do not go for an elasticated waistband since it creates a muffin top effect. Instead, look for Velcro or flat fronts.

Split your cardio sessions

If you are up for a great workout session, try not putting all your energy in one workout, rather try splitting it up for better results. Take for instance cardio, instead of doing an hour worth of cardio all at once, try doing it in sessions of 20 minutes. This is likely to yield better and quicker results. Likewise, some people prefer to perform cardio post meal, it is highly advisable to do it on an empty stomach if you are aiming strictly at burning fat.

The colour theory 

A swimsuit is like your tuxedo for the beach! Thus, colour is an essential element while deciding on your swimsuit. If you are buying a swimsuit for the first time and would like to play safe, then black is the colour you can never go wrong with. Following the colour theory, the darker colours have a certain slimming effect. Like black, you can also go for blue and brown which conceal the excess fat to give a slimmer look. Do not wear a lighter colour like white or brighter colour like neon orange if you don’t want people to focus their attention on your torso.

Swimsuits are the go-to attire for a beach vacation. The most important aspect of wearing a swimsuit is your confidence. As long as you are comfortable with your body, you will look as slim as you want to. However, with a few fashion hacks and tricks, you will also be able to get clicked in pictures that are drool worthy!


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